Get yourself the right running shoes before you run a marathon.

I want to tell you : I am proud runner. I run every day. My running stats runs into several thousand kilometers for the year. It means that I need the right kind of shoes for my legs. 
When I started to run, I started running in chappals (slippers).  And I could manage to do that.  This means that running is possible even without shoes. But, not for a regular runner. Because, if you do not wear the right kind of shoes, it may lead to injuries to your legs. 
So, let’s break down the anatomy of a running shoe. I use ASICS. ASICS is a brand that gained popularity for making the best efforts to Empower the runners all over the globe. But, thats not the only shoe making company that cares for running. 
You may have fetishness for similar other brands. So, without hurting your sentiments, let me share with you about the things that you need to look for in your running pair of shoes. 
The first and the foremost thing that I look for in my shoes is: the SIZE. Make sure that it is comfortable in your feet. Never compromise on the size. A shoe bigger than your feet will make you feel lose in your legs. And if it is smaller, it will keep pinxhimg you for more space. 
Breathability : your shoes must come with breathable material.  This is done by providing meshing in the front portion of your feet. The meshing should neither be too thick nor too sparse. Good brands will take care of that. It should be durable as well as delicate. It should not rub against your skin. 
Cushioning : the shoe must have good cushioning. Again, the optimum amount of cushioning will ensure that you feel comfortable. It should not be too comfy like your sofa or car cushions. Just enough to make you feel better in those rough long runs. It will also help you to avoid shoe bites. Good quality is laid like a carpet under your feet. With tour fingers, feel that. 
The sole: the sole is the soul of your shoe. Many brands talk about it when they talk about their USP. For different types of running, different kinds of soles are used. Like road running is a different ballgame than a trail running. So is the kind of toughness you need for your shoes. For road running, the ruggedness is not os important as the gelling. Gel is a material that helps you to land properly on the surface. 
As landing is the most repetitive action that you will take while running, it is fling to affect your ankles and the knee joints. So, focus on this. Get the shoes that provides excellent gelling under the feet. To test its gelling, wear them and go around for a while. May you should run a little and see how you feel. Ideally, in a new pair, you will get the elevated feeling. 
Quality of material : the texture, the hand feel are important. Sometimes, I like to wear my shoe without socks. Specially in summers. So, having a smooth feel is necessary. Th e quality of material is going to decide its durability. 
Durability:  it means how long your shoe is going to last. In normal shoes, the first thing to go is the sole. Make sure, your running shoes Sholes are tough and they don’t worn out like normal shoes. My ASICS has not depressed me on that front. After running more than a thousand kilometers, there is no signs of worn out so far. 
Wearing out of sole  is also dependent on how your legs pronate.  So, get your leg movements tested on treadmill labs that’s available in ASICS stores. 
Here, I have testified for ASICS, but it need not be in your case. Brands like, Sketches, Adidas, Nike, New Balance all hav their exclusive running shoe section. 
So, now that you know a bit about how to look at a shoe while shipping, you are going to make better choice. 
Very soon, I am getting a new pair of shoe for myself. I ll let you know what I bought. Sooner…. Till then, keep running and having a blast at life. 


I have a problem with myself

“I have a problem with myself”. No, it’s not perfect. Myself lacks in a lot of things. It can’t take everything. It can’t be everything it desires to be. It has got limitations.

Myself is always in some kind of problem. It is an issue intself. It’s lazy. It’s argumentative. It does not listen to others at times. It finds itself upset with itself. It finds itself upset with the world.

Yes, there a lot of problems with myself. It is not perfect. But, it bc ehaves as if it is perfect. It feels pissed off when someone gives a negative comment. It shrugs.

I know, I have problems with my self. And this is the greatest thing to rejoice. It is a thing to be glad because I know it. I know it and acknowledge it.

We through life putting blames on others. We fail to reflect on our own selves. This is a big big cause of misery that we go through life. We fail to find blame in our own selves.

So, this is how I started on my fitness journey. It was the moment of reckoning when I realized how I kept postponing my fitness from days to months to years until I was hit hard by it and thrown out of the ring post.

It dawned upon me that it is me who has been telling that “I don’t have time.” it is me who kept evading getting up in the morning to go out and take some fresh air.

Was not I aware of it. I knew it. All of us know that health is essential for living. But, it is thrown in the back burner because we are always interested in finding fault with others. With things outside.

We fail to look inside. And that is where the real devil is. Therefore, the day of my reckoning was when I saw this big devil sitting inside me and creating havoc all the time. I was running helter skelter to find it and हूं down. But, Alas, I was shocked to see it sitting inside and weakening me daily.

You can’t treat a disease unless you know it’s source. Right! The source of our miseries are there within. We need to find tools to tame those. They are the real threats to our peaceful and happy living.

So, how do we do this. I can give you few tips on that. So, here it goes:

1. Slow down. If you are not happy with yourself, slow down. Breaking your pace at which you live will make your actions noticeable to yourself.

2. Observe your own self : yes, cultivate this practice. For the first few days, you will not find anything wrong with yourself. You might feel like a stupid. But, as you pace down and start to observe, your inner eues of the mind will start throwing signsks to notice the wrong things.

3. Pick up a notepad and scribble : do this as a religion. Whatever you find happening with you. Just write it down. If you saw yourself screaming at your spouse, it goes there in writing.

4. But, don’t just write all the wrong things : write down everything as an outside observer. Come out of yourself and observe and not down good things as well. You will notice them as well.

5. Allow time for meditation. : common this is not the same meditation as you might think. I refer to the practice of pondering over what you have observed in yourself. Keep thinking, keep wondering.

6. Atlast, you will find a point where you would have reached to see your self clearly. This is the image that you need to see and then compare it with how ideal you have been trying to.

Chances are, you will find things thst you want to change. I didn’t all my miseries at one go, but one after the other. I realized how wrong I was putting blame on time, money, my work, my family, my peers, and this big beautiful world.

They are the integral part of my life and Iive them. They make me. They are there for me. Not against me. But, how they respond to me depends on how I act towards them.

Do I act towards them for reciprocation. If so, I will keep going in circles. To come out if it, stop expecting. Stop demanding. But, give. If you see something wrong outside, fix it by finding alternatives inside.

You possess immense amount of power that you have been wasting on things trivial. Find a purpose for yourself and pour all your efforts into it.

I found my purpose to be fit. I started with this Acceptance. All that I told you above. I agreed to my miseries. But, I did not stop at that. I then figured out that I can certainly do something about it. Even if I bring 0.00001% effort, I would have moved from where I was. This thought that my tiniest of actions can bring change excited me.

And gradually I realized that if I kept taking doable actions, they all slowly would pile up, I started to see the possibilities. First a small possibility. Then a little bigger one. Then, a kiitle more bigger one… And this just kept on getting bigger. It is still expanding. I am shocked to the hilt that there are limitless possibilities when you truly have your heart in a purpose.

My fitness goals turned into passions. And now this is giving life and meaning to me. Very soon, I will be marathoner.



Is about endurance. endurance means to continue.

May be you would love to know how i got the idea to run. Back in those days, I was very disturbed… Mentally.

I was kind of depressed within. I did not feel the excitement that I used to some years ago in college..

The excitement is life was dying its slow death. Everything around seemed to be monotonous… Same work, same life, same problems.

But, you don’t actually get anywhere until you hit the rock bottom.

I am lucky I hit the rock bottom somewhere in 2017. I found the world against, for multiple reasons.

When you are at a breaking point, you may diverge into either…

You become bitter or You become better.

I am glad, I went to KV, had a secular social culture and global values to live with.

I told my self, I want to love this world. I asked myself, what if can stop complaining. Is that possible.

So, I started a reverse process. I wanted to take in and see how much and how long, I can restrain from reacting to the world…

Inshort, endurance..

Most of our problems in our lives are due to our reactions.

Impulsive, indecisive… As the nature is of most reactions. Hating, jealousy, gossiping… All are reactions..

Stop giving reactions. When you stop that. First and foremost thing that happens is you kill your Energy vampires .

You save a lot of your energy.
And as I started to save energy, I felt that inner reservoir getting filled with lots of positivity.

You don’t need a fit body or a fit mind to start. Just a reason… My reason is to see how far I can go…

And I guess, I have just begun🏃‍♂🏃‍♂🏃‍♂


Cracking code 42

So, this is going to finish.

1800 kms.


What a love.

You know something, people often get queer at “why do I run?”

To be honest with, even I sometimes ask the same question to my self.


Why do I need to run?

Does it pay me.
Does it impress some girl?
Does it build something?

OK, fine. I must run to keep good health. But, why soooo much?

Why do I need to do this.

It pains. It leads to sweating.

It has potential risks and there are so many what iffs attached…

What if I fracture my leg,

What if I fell down and got I injured…I mean, isn’t it crazy to run… Wild.?

May be, the world can see all this and does not get a rational behind.

I run simply because I love. I have deep love and passion. I feel the freedom. I fight. I find my fighting spirit. I struggle. And this struggle makes my daily grind much bearable.

After running 42, I feel like I have cracked a code. I call it code 42.

My running represents my spirit of joy and happiness.

I am a marathoner. I am a runner.. I am inspired. I feel the fire. The spark. The life… That is!!!! And I can see that beautiful life while running….. 🏃‍♂🏃‍♂🏃‍♂🏃‍♂


Getting UP in the morning

I am at my table. This is 06:05 a.m. I got up at 5:30 a.m.

Yesterday, I made a plan. I will note down the timings of Sunrise and Sunset going forward. I would also make a note of my time of getting up and going to bed.

Our body has got some natural inclinations. Like, getting up in the morning. Or going to bed early. Early risers have an inherent advantage in life.

I get up in the morning with excitement these days. I get up and get my morning ablutions done. This takes me round about 15 minutes. Soon after that I pick up a book and read a few pages from that. Reading provides fresh content to the mind.

When I am not reading, I would sit at my laptop and write something. I blog on This blog is still not my full-time activity. I love punching keys on my lappy. My mind feels energetic.

Earlier, when I was not a morning riser, I would be flung out of my bed at 8:00 or something and rush through everything. I would keep my alarm on snooze button as long as I can. And then, once I knew that I can not postpone my alarm, I would simply try to finish the chores. And the question was about surviving through the day.

These days, the story is contrastingly different. I get up and I don’t even use alarm to wake myself up. The secret of me getting up in the morning is my sleep time. I come to my bed as early as I can. The average time that I have noted is between 10:00 pm and 10:30 pm. No matter, how busy I am through the day.

You may wonder! Howzat possible? I don’t go through my social media posts once I am back home. I don’t sit before TV unlike earlier days and have my dinner. I have cut down my time on media (FB, INSTA, WHATSAPP, YOUTUBE).

Look up, dear! You always have time. You are never on a shortage of time. But you don’t find time to do things that are productive in the long run. If you wish to get time, get selective. Treat your time like you are the PM of the country and respect it. Make a schedule of your “things to do”. This will allow you to cut down on waste.

Getting up in the morning early and going to bed on time are interrelated. Early risers have a first-mover advantage. This has allowed me to feel better and create joy with mundane things of daily existence.

My success to run 1800 km in a year is due to early rising. My success in setting up this blog and being consistent is due to early rising. Ok, gotta go for a run, 19km left for this year. How far have you run this year?