More than anything that counts is action.

How much willing are you to get into action?

I love this idea of action. I was walking one day and had been walking for the past several days.

My mind always told me that I can’t go further than walking. My weight was overwhelming me.

The social belief said that I was old enough to confine myself to walking.

But, then, I wanted to check on what my heart was telling. “Try to run. See if you can do that.”

So, that day I was in no way going to fly. I was wearing chappals on my feet, a heavy cotton t-shirt on top and in jeans pants. Nothing like a runner.

But, the golden voice of my heart was so clear and audible. So, I said to myself, “let’s do it.

“If I fail, I will walk. But, If I succeeded to run, what else would I want?”

So that odd day, I took a leap of faith and flung far into action.

That day, I dared to Act. So can you. Take a leap of faith and believe in yourself. Let’s run.

The biggest issue with us all is not taking action. Not putting one step after the other. We are driven by the enormity of the results. Those of us who are brainy like suffer an analysis-paralysis like me.

The best way to move forward and reach your goals is: put one step after the other. Don’t bother about the pace and the distance. Do this every day. Find time to do it every day. Your passion will wake you up from the slumber and make you run.

Running is your passion. But, if there are days when you don’t feel like running, then just go out and walk. And walk till you re-start getting the feeling to run.

Our body is capable of allowing us to do what we can think and have convinced our minds to do.

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