I did not know that there is something called running at a conversational pace. I came to know about this term, the conversational pace running or CPR much later. However, I have been practising the art of conversational pace running for years now.

What is a Conversational Pace

The term conversational pace is derived from the word – conversation. This is the same conversation that we carry out with a fellow runner or a group of runners. Your pace is such that it is easy for your to strike an easy conversation without feeling breathless.

So, it is an easily paced slow running. You run at much lower speed to ensure that you are able to utter the words so that the other person who is listening to you can easily make out what you are telling.

The benefits of running at a conversational pace(CP)

There are loads of benefits for running at CP.

You can run with a group of friends. As it is not a hard run, you will have many takers. You can collect your family members too to accompany you on a conversational pace running. It is also a good way to make your family and friends experience and enjoy the benefits of running without getting breathless.

These easy runs allow for your heart and your body to warm up better. CP running is a slow running process. As a result, you won’t be sweating for much of the time until it is a very hot weather you are running in.

CP running are good recovery runs for you after participating in race events where you ran for a PB/PR. Your body is able to take it easily and helps your body to come back to your original comfort state of running.

The CP running will help to build a good aerobic system in your body. Aerobic exercises are the exercises that we do where we breath in and breath out a lot. They make use of the heart often. They help to suck in plenty of oxygen. Therefore, you can very well understand how beneficial CP running is for your heart health.

While you run at a slow pace of CP, you are able to bring your focus on your form, gait, landing etc. This focus for sure will make you improve the way you run. The CP runs will allow you to self assess and improvise.

The CP running is generally effortless. You don’t have to exert a lot of efforts. You can start any where and complete it. So, you don’t have to go in for a lot of prep to run at CP. It is good if you are running in your proper running gear but you may still do OK even if you are in your cotton Ts and Bermudas. Nevertheless, the best running results and experience will come from some preparation before the runs.

How to find my conversational pace

So, how does one know if the pace is a real good one at CP?

It is very simple. You don’t need any pacer or a smart watch to assess that. You just need to check if you are able to say a one full simple sentence without gasping for breath. If you do, you are at your CP.

The conversational pace is very subjective. The seasoned runners may find the faster paces at conversational pace. The easy conversational pace is determined by the state of your aerobic system. Stronger the aerobic system, you will be comfortable running a faster CP.

Conversational Pace for the beginners

The running at CP could be the best way to start running. You can just gather a few friends and invite them for a easy run on a weekend. You can choose a real good running route that’s free of traffic and also safe to move.

You won’t have to get bored looking at your tracking devices. You wont have to ask yourself if you are running fast, slow or ok. The pace your friends will run at will become the benchmark while you will enjoy a nice conversation. So, all you will be required to do is to move and match up with your friends.

If you are non talkative person and if you still wanna run at a conversational pace, then hum a tune from your favourite music album. You will enjoy that while you run.

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