Cracking code 42

So, this is going to finish.

1800 kms.


What a love.

You know something, people often get queer at “why do I run?”

To be honest with, even I sometimes ask the same question to my self.


Why do I need to run?

Does it pay me.
Does it impress some girl?
Does it build something?

OK, fine. I must run to keep good health. But, why soooo much?

Why do I need to do this.

It pains. It leads to sweating.

It has potential risks and there are so many what iffs attached…

What if I fracture my leg,

What if I fell down and got I injured…I mean, isn’t it crazy to run… Wild.?

May be, the world can see all this and does not get a rational behind.

I run simply because I love. I have deep love and passion. I feel the freedom. I fight. I find my fighting spirit. I struggle. And this struggle makes my daily grind much bearable.

After running 42, I feel like I have cracked a code. I call it code 42.

My running represents my spirit of joy and happiness.

I am a marathoner. I am a runner.. I am inspired. I feel the fire. The spark. The life… That is!!!! And I can see that beautiful life while running….. 🏃‍♂🏃‍♂🏃‍♂🏃‍♂

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