Happiness Secrets

“happiness is a state of mind”

This has been truly stated by someone who understood it. It took me a long long time to get the full understanding of the phrase. I guess, I read this this statement several years years ago. And since then, I always thought about its meaning.

There are two terms associated with each other. Happiness and mind. Your mind is the main player. And handling this mind is the most complex job that I have come across so far. The mind has to be won to one’s side. And it is a battle.

We battle a lot of emotions on a daily basis: some negative and some positive. Anger, anxiety, suppression, depression etc are negative emotions. Happiness, joy, peace, love etc are positive emotions. Our mind is capable of producing both.

Positive emotions make us feel better. We are in harmony with nature. Every one around us is receptive to our positive emotions. On the other hand, negative emotions make us feel miserable. No one wants to be around a miserable fellow.

The mind will produce emotions when it comes into contact with anything or anyone. Our experiences are created out of these emotions. Good or bad. If a negative energy comes towards us, we might get carried away by that. This is what happens with most of the people most of the times.

There, the element is our mind. The control on the mind and then, taking it in the direction of our choice is what we need to aim at. When our mind becomes capable of doing what we desire, we can say, we have found mastery over the self. And this mastery can then keep us happy life long.

So, how do we get there?

Is it difficult or impossible? Difficult indeed but certainly not impossible. I have learnt to experience joy and happiness. So can you.

Now that we have found the stuff to work on which is mind, we should move ahead and talk a bit on mind.

Here are top 5 elements that you can alter in your life to find happiness.

1. Choose your attitude: