2 days post running 42

Post running, for the last 2 days, the body has not been fully normal.

The thighs were painting, the body was feeling tired most of the time.

As if I had a fever or something. Did not feel like going to work. But, had to force myself. Given a choice, I would have loved to saviour the sofa. It was that tiring.

Exercise in itself is not going to change us for better or make us fit.

Becos, pushing too hard can result in adverse impact on the body and the mind.

The body may have long sustaining injuries. The mind may just give up for once and all.

My first and foremost mantra had been to keep my self safe. So, I was not too sure if u was in my limits…

However, today’s run was so much better. I had a quality Cadence . The breathing was very comfortable.

But, the body still is weak and seems fragile. So, I am focusing on sleep and less stress at work.

There is good scope of improvement ahead. Currently, I can bask in the glory of running the farthest so far in my life .

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