About Me

Hey there!

Welcome to myblog: Sanjuruns.com

I have started this blog to share with you the joy of running. I started running not too long ago when I discovered the joy in running.

I am 45 years old. I started to run when I had turned 38 years old. I discovered this joy by accident. Ever since my childhood, I had always distanced myself from the sports and physical activities. I had been more inclined towards sedentary pastimes like reading books, painting and drawing sketches. Though I still love them, I now have one of my leg in sports and running too.

My Pains

7 years ago, I weighed more than 100 kilograms. My BMI was shooting through the roof. My body health was in a total mess. I had developed piles. I was also diagnosed with hypertension. And I was going through the worst ever patch of my life, mentally.

Here you can take a look at my body status.

Mentally as well physically I was very exhausted. And My work was getting affected. And I was getting affected by work. My family life was getting affected by the depressive state of my mind. I was clueless what I could do to save my body and the mind.

While I was grappling with multiple issues at personal level, my work took me to a place that I thought would make the matter even worse. I could not take my family with me. And I had taken up a room in a lodge.

Most of my day was spent at work only. I came back to my room to sleep. Worked till late in the evenings. But having nothing else to do, I would still get some time to come down from my room and roamed on the streets nearby. That made me feel a little better.

A Tiny Act of Change

After a few days there, I thought of waking up a little early each morning, having nothing else to do. In my chappals and cotton shorts and Tee, would take a stroll around the nearby places.

I found that the morning hours felt so different from the rest of the day. Peaceful and energizing. There would be stillness in the air. The roads wore a clean and empty look. The smoke and traffic noise that filled the day later was absent. And the surroundings were filled with the freshness and abundance of oxygen.

Coming back from these strolls, I felt that I was more peaceful and felt the energy through the rest of my day at work. I noticed that my emotional self kept in balance. In short, moving my body in the early mornings reduced my stress levels.

I was encouraged to experiment more.

One day after a few weeks of pleasant morning experience I decided that I would go for a short jog to nearby police grounds. Felt breathless by the time I reached there. The distance would have been hardly 2 kms. In those days, I would often experience breathlessness while climbing the stairs and doing other chores.

The new year resolution

I ran. And I felt better than walking. That day I came back and could not take my mind off from this enormous mental and physical rejuvenation that I had started to experience by including this tiny fraction of physical activity into my daily life.

I decided to magnify and elaborate this experiment. The new year was about to begin in a few days. I thought of taking up a resolution. I took out my note pad and scribbled a plan. I came up with a resolution to run a total distance of 1800 kms in 365 days.

I was confident that I would witness transformational mental and physical state if I kept to my resolution.

The new adventure begins.

On 31st night in 2017, I went to bed at 10 pm. On 1st Jan, I got up at 5:30 am and went for a short morning run.

My goal was to run 1800 kilometers in these 365 days. The morning routine, the good night sleep, the daily diet etc became all aligned to work according to the plan. My single status away from family turned out to be a retreat.

I could devote myself to heal my body and the mind. It is amazing to experience how our mind and body was inbuilt with mechanisms to repair themselves. I experienced an incredible amount of transformation. My body weight started to normalize. I started to get sound sleep at night. My emotional well-being witnessed a sea change.

As you can see, I found a new self – energetic and athletic body and peaceful and cheerful mind by 2019. I had started running and participating in long distance running events. There were a lot of lessons learned in these years.

So, I decided that I should come forward and share with you what I learned about health and well-being. We hardly prioritize our emotional or physical health. Or I would rather say that we are clueless about how to care for this mind and body, the two most precious possessions, in today’s world.

What I am sharing here on this blog are not secrets but age-old words of wisdom. And I hope that you would return and regain yourself by reading this blog.