Your job matters

I have a column on this blog: Mental Health. This is my first post under the category.

Mental health can be defined in a variety of ways. Just Google and you will witness that.

My idea of mental health is that if I am happy and content, I am mentally fit and fine.

So, how to do that? How do we achieve that status of happiness and contentment.

In this post I will tell you about one thing that is so very important. And that is your job or work or vocation. Or whatever, you may want to call it.

I seek satisfaction through what I do in my day.  I take pride in it.

I started my career with a call center. My job was to talk to my customers and help them with their queries over the phone.

I loved to talk to them. But, they would be a lot of trouble. And so, it was not easy to find the level of happiness in doing what I was doing initially.

However, I gradually picked up the ropes. And learned that the more I became efficient with my work, the more I was able to enjoy what I was doing. And that made me feel happier and content.

But, remember that your job can not be a bed of roses. You will be faced with problems in any venture that you take. Some of us mistake to believe that it’s the job that sucks. But, there are occasions when we suck.

And therefore don’t find the happiness and satisfaction.

Our job gives structure to our day. It adds meaning. It provides us an opportunity to help others and contribute to our society at large..

If yiu want to enlarge the impact of your work, you can do it from any position. So, don’t fall for the temptation that your happiness will come when yiu reach a level.

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