Getting UP in the morning

I am at my table. This is 06:05 a.m. I got up at 5:30 a.m.

Yesterday, I made a plan. I will note down the timings of Sunrise and Sunset going forward. I would also make a note of my time of getting up and going to bed.

Our body has got some natural inclinations. Like, getting up in the morning. Or going to bed early. Early risers have an inherent advantage in life.

I get up in the morning with excitement these days. I get up and get my morning ablutions done. This takes me round about 15 minutes. Soon after that I pick up a book and read a few pages from that. Reading provides fresh content to the mind.

When I am not reading, I would sit at my laptop and write something. I blog on This blog is still not my full-time activity. I love punching keys on my lappy. My mind feels energetic.

Earlier, when I was not a morning riser, I would be flung out of my bed at 8:00 or something and rush through everything. I would keep my alarm on snooze button as long as I can. And then, once I knew that I can not postpone my alarm, I would simply try to finish the chores. And the question was about surviving through the day.

These days, the story is contrastingly different. I get up and I don’t even use alarm to wake myself up. The secret of me getting up in the morning is my sleep time. I come to my bed as early as I can. The average time that I have noted is between 10:00 pm and 10:30 pm. No matter, how busy I am through the day.

You may wonder! Howzat possible? I don’t go through my social media posts once I am back home. I don’t sit before TV unlike earlier days and have my dinner. I have cut down my time on media (FB, INSTA, WHATSAPP, YOUTUBE).

Look up, dear! You always have time. You are never on a shortage of time. But you don’t find time to do things that are productive in the long run. If you wish to get time, get selective. Treat your time like you are the PM of the country and respect it. Make a schedule of your “things to do”. This will allow you to cut down on waste.

Getting up in the morning early and going to bed on time are interrelated. Early risers have a first-mover advantage. This has allowed me to feel better and create joy with mundane things of daily existence.

My success to run 1800 km in a year is due to early rising. My success in setting up this blog and being consistent is due to early rising. Ok, gotta go for a run, 19km left for this year. How far have you run this year?

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