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I have discovered this Indian fitness gear called Langot recently. I am working on making my running as enjoyable as possible. I started to run in slippers and normal clothes 3 years ago. Since then, I have come a long way. I have a proper running gear.

Therefore, improving my running efficiency is constantly on my mind. One day, I felt that my inner wear could have been better. I was running the virtual ADHM. And I had planned to run a PB. I was running in underwear inside.

The innerwear that we wear in the normal course is fine. However, when you set out to do running or a rigorous workout, you need a good supporter. A supporter that can hold your genitals firm and steady. And to my discovery, a normal inner wear is not capable of doing it.

That’s when I started to explore more on what I should be wearing inside. I went on the internet. I found some good compression wear. But, I was still wondering. And one day, while driving my car, the bulb lighted!

“How about the Langot?”.

Indian Wrestlers are the most common users of the Langot. They wear it to fight in Akhadas. There is one uncle in my village who is in his late 60s and uses Langot. Langot are worn in India because people wear kachcha in Indian Villages. Kachchas are such a common sight that you may find people working in heir farms in kachchas.

I used to wonder how can they have such loose kachchas and not harm their genitals. That’s when I was told by my uncle that there is someting more inside. And he introduced me to the Langot.

But, I never thought that I would be one day really going to try on this. So, while I was exploring the good quality supporter for better runs, the idea to try Langot struck me like a lightning.

And when you are seeking the best, you don’t mind trying the most stupid things. Langot seems to be a stupid idea for the X, Y and Z generation. We are happy with the trendy merchandise available in the stores.

What is a Langot?

Langot is a piece of cloth. If you wish to know the shape, it’s a loose cloth that is tied to the waist with the help of a string. It is made of cotton. As the cotton is soft and breathable, it is the best fabric to make Langot with. Your genitals can still breathe as they remain firmly held.

Let us divide the Langot into two parts to understand.

  1. The Head
  2. The Tail
  3. The Strings

Head: This is triangular in shape. It will appear as an inverted triangle. So, at the very top of it, is given the strings. These strings are pretty long. Long enough to wrap around your waist. This portion is what is going to go around your butts.

Tail: The tail of the Langot is narrow and a long strip in the shape of a triangle. The length of the tail is in the range of 1 to 1.5 metres. This portion is what is going to wrap up the genitals and hold them firm.

The Strings: The strings are given on either ends of the inverted triangle – the head. And each of these strings is in the range of 1/2 to 3/4 of a metre.

How to Wear a Langot :

Wearing Langot for the first time appeared to me like solving a puzzle. So, I pulled up a video from youtube. My uncle also taught me the process with simplicity to tie it effort lessly. And I love it more for it’s simplicity.

Let me share few of those quick tips with you now.

Step 1: Hold the head of your Langot with both hands. Some what Like this:

Step 2: Take the Head behind your butts and place it properly. Some what like this:

Step 3: After you have properly placed the head of the Langot on your butts, hold the strings, one in each hand and tie them on your waist. Before, you tie the know, take it around your waist and wrap the extra length of the strings.

Step 4: Now, lift the tail that’s dangling behind and bring it to the front passing though the portion between your legs. Place the tail end through the inside of the tied strings. And pass the whole portion through the strings. This will create the nice nest where your genitals will stay.

Step 5: Now, you will be left with this extra tail portion. So, take another round from the front to the back passing through the portion between the legs. And stick it nicely under the strings. This will create a very firm and comfortable next for the genitals. You can always loosen it or tighten it by adjusting the tail.

The BENFITS of wearing a Langot:

  1.  Support to the pelvic area – This is the junction between the top and bottom part of your body. Wearing a Langot will direct the flow of body energy upwards, instead of allowing it to be spread randomly around the body. This will prevent bone and organ displacement. 
  2. Good for the health of Testicles – While you workout, your testicles may get stretched. With increasing age, the stretch in them is natural. So, if you wear the Langot, you can avoid the diseases related to the testicles.
  3. The langot helps to stop displacement of the intestines during yoga practice and heavy manual work. It helps to prevent hernias and hydrocele in men.


The Langot increases the temerature in the genitls by atleast a degree. SO, wearing it for long hours could potentially harm your Sexual Performance. This is mainly worn by Yogis to contain the sexual desires.

So, wear it for the time you are actively involved in a sport like wrestling, running, gymming or weight lifting. And remove it as soon as the work is done. Wearing the Langot will streamline all y our energy and give you more focus to excel in the activity. But you need to remember the Caveat!

How to Get a Langot:

If you are in a remote part of INdia, just ask your local tailor to make it for you.

It is now available in online stores too. You can shop for it on Amazon at the link given below:


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