Langot: A Superior Indian Inner Wear and a Supporter

I recently discovered an Indian fitness gear – The Langot.  So, let me tell you how I was led to this great Indian fitness gear that has been there for centuries now.

I keep exploring ways to make my running as enjoyable it can be.  I fondly remember my early days when I had started to run in slippers and cotton clothing.  Since then, it’s been a great journey learning and improving.   I now have the proper running gear.


Improving my running efficiency is constantly on my mind.  So one day, it came to my notice that I could run better if I did something about my inner-wear.  I noticed that my innerwear is made of synthetic fibers.  When I ran long distance, it would become loose and cause trouble!! It was during one of my virtual marathons that I learned about it (ADHM, 2020).    

Our undergarments are made of synthetic fibers like lycra, polyester, nylon, etc.  These fibers rub against your skin and stretch and become loose.  When you run a long distance, you need to have an inner supporter that could hold male genitals firm and steady.  And to my discovery, normal innerwear is not capable of providing that sturdiness.


This is when I started to explore the possible options on what I should be wearing inside. I went on the internet, googled, and searched for innerwear.   I found some good compression wears.

Not satisfied, I was still wondering.   

One day, while driving my way home, a bulb lighted in my mind! Eureka! Eureka!

“How about the Langot?”

The idea of Indian Langot struck me like a lightning from the sky.  One of my uncles is a farmer back in the village.  I had noticed him wearing this strange-shaped inner wear several times.  He wore it mostly when he had to do some hard labor n his farms.

Indian Langots are the most common wear among Indian wrestlers.  They wear it to undertake wrestling in Akhadas.  Akhada is like a boxing ring with loose mud where the wrestling takes place. 

So, let us get down to the anatomy of understanding this Indian phenomenon:  The Indian Langot.


Wrestlers at Akhara in Indian Langot: Image Credit: Internet

Indian Langot is an undergarment used as a supporter by males.  If you wish to know its shape, it’s a loose and long narrow rectangular strip cloth tied to the waist with the help of strings on either side.

It is made up of cotton fabric. As the cotton is soft and breathable, it is the best fabric to make Langots with.  The male private parts can still breathe easily as they remain firmly held.

The Indian Langot is made of three components.  They are:

  1. The Head
  2. The Tail
  3. The Strings

Head: The head is a triangular-shaped in inverted form.  The head portion is wrapped around the buttocks with the help of strings.  

Tail: The tail part of the Indian Langot is a long narrow rectangular strip.  This rectangular strip is at the bottom of the inverted triangle head.  This portion is what is going to wrap up the genitals and hold them firm and steady.  The tail of an Indian Langot is over a meter long

The Strings: The strings are given on either ends of the inverted triangular head. Each of these strings is in the range of 50cms to 75 cms in length.


Wearing the Indian Langot for the first time turned out to be a puzzle for me.   So, I grabbed my phone and searched for help.   I was able to pull up this video.  And I love it for its simplicity.

Let me share a few quick tips with you now.

Step 1: Hold the heads of the Indian Langot in either hands.

Step 2: Then, take the head behind your buttocks and wrap them. 

Step 3: After you have properly placed the head of the Langot on your buttocks,  please hold the strings one in each hand and tie them on your waist.  The excess length should be wrapped around the waist. 

Step 4: Now, lift the tail that’s dangling behind and bring it to the front of you passing though the portion between your legs.  Place the tail end through the inside of the tied strings and pass the whole portion through the strings. This will create the nice nest where your genitals will stay.

Step 5: Now, you will be left with this extra tail portion. Take another round from the front to the back passing through the portion between the legs.  Insert the leftover portion of the tail behind the buttocks. 

This will create a very firm and comfortable nest for the genitals. You can always loosen it or tighten it by adjusting the tail of the Langot.


  1.  Gives good support to the pelvic area – This is the junction between the top and bottom part of your body.  Wearing an Indian Langot will direct the flow of body energy upwards, instead of allowing it to be spread randomly around the body. This will prevent bone and organ displacement. 
  2. Good for the health of Testicles – While you are workout, your testicles may get stretched. With advancing age, the stretch in them is a natural process too. So if you wear the Indian Langot, you can potentially avoid the diseases related to the testicles.
  3. The Indian Langot helps to stop displacement of the intestines during yoga practice and heavy manual work. It helps to prevent hernias and hydrocele among men. 

So, you can see that wearing an Indian Langot has multiple benefits along with giving you the running efficiency. 


Wearing Indian Langot for a long time period may increase the temperature in the genitals by at least a degree. So wearing it for long hours could potentially harm your sexual performance.  So I recommend that you wear it as a supporter to carry out a physical activity like running or exercising. 

So, wear it for the time you are actively involved in a sport like wrestling, running, gymming or weight lifting. And remove it as soon as the work is done. Wearing the Langot will streamline all your energy and give you complete focus to excel in the activity.  

Nevertheless, you need to be aware of the Caveat!

So, would you like to try an Indian Langot? Please give your comments and feedback in the comments box below.

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  1. Langot is the forgotten traditional wear Which even Lord Hanuman used to wear. It’s a real Indian wear ..Cheers

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