Closing on the finishing line

The journey has been great so far. Interesting and adventurous.

Every day, you need to fight the odds against you.

I am no Olympian. But, the tasks that I face like hurdles through the day are good enough to give me the feeling of a champion when I finish my run.

And the odds are almost the same every day. Family, work, etc.

But, the fight that I give to it every day has turned me into a concrete. Strong and not so easily breakable..

Before going to bed, I take a moment to tell myself, “tomorrow, another day. A wonderful oppurtinity to run.”

When I joined back my family few months ago, I was a little unsure if my routine would continue. I am glad, it continues to this day due to which I am now closing on 1800 km.

Running is not a difficult task. The real challenges lie behind the act of running.

And that is getting to the start up line. The real heroism comes to the fore when you are required to go out and run and you have the commitments of a father, of a husband and of a son.

The commitments of a runner is always going to take the last seat. But, in my case, I have been pretty lucky to work on my passion. Because, my passion is to assert my freedom to choose. My freedom to live a healthy and exciting life. My freedom to choose to be like a child for my life.

And all this freedom comes to me when I put up my struggle to run against the odds. My running is an expression of my assertion to be a free spirit, a motivated and an enthusiastic soul.

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