Quick Fitness Tips

Why do I run when I can simply sit idle.

Comfort is often associated with those activities that do not require much of moving around.

And physical activity is generally termed effort seeking. When you put efforts, it is most likely that it’s not natural. It’s asking yourself to go against your own will to do some thing that you would prefer no to do given a choice.

Do you know why?

Let’s go back to the story of human evolution. A large part of human existence has been about active involvement in hunting, gathering and living in physically uncomfortable living standards. If you check out the way our body is built, you will realize that there is a lot to attribute to our evolution for the way we move around. The way we stand. The way we think about comfort and discomfort.

In today’s modern age, we have gathered more luxuries than required. We have almost automated our lives. Most of what we do is done by clicking a button. Our age is an automation age.

But, I have realized that struggle is the way. The real comfort does not lie in luxuries. Had it been the case, we would not have the term – lifestyle diseases. Those diseases that find their way into our lives not because of an infection, immunity failure or the presence of a foreign factor in our body. It’s about the way we live. The way we sit, stand, sleep. The kind of stuff that we eat. The timings at which we eat. The way our food is packaged. All this is part of the way we live.

Modern medicine has clarified beyond doubt that the best way to live a life of health and happiness is to cut down on oyr luxuries and be in tune with the evolution story.


What is a Smart Watch and how does it help you in running?

I ran my first official running event in November 2018. It was a 21 K run. Till then I had no idea about the running of marathons. I discovered the idea of doing marathon runs only in September when I saw a bank sponsoring a running event in one of the major cities of India.

They had mentioned that it will be a timed run. I will be given a card to put on my jersey and the card will have my official entry number and a chip embedded to it. This was Bib that I later came to know. Bibs with microchips are attached for timing your runs. There are points one the way that beep to make sure you ran through the route. So, in this event, my bib would go beep at ever 5 km.

I loved this concept of timed running through a pre-determined path. I then started to explore the google for understanding of such timed running and that’s how I came across the idea of these micro-mini computers that you can just put on your wrist like watches and wear them without any problem. I came across this idea on my favorite running site, Runnersworld.

Today, I am a proud owner of this running device called Smart Watch.

Before, I can tell you about the uses of this device, I want to put up a quote here:

If you can not measure it, you can not improve it. – Lord Kelvin ( Put the banner from google here)

When I set up my target to run 1800 km, I had no idea how to keep a proper record of my running. I had one very unique idea that I thought of at that juncture. I found that there were stones put on the either side of the road to mark each km. So, I was running using those stone marks. And then there was some amount of guess work involved if I had to return from 2.5 km or something like that.

I started with this idea to measure. I would therefore make a note of how many stone marks I ran that day and put them in my note book. I would maintain a journal with:

Time spent on the field &

Distance covered

This was a very raw method of running. In the process, when I ran, I would stumble upon problems like:

  1. I would get breathless while running and stopped abruptly.
  2. I would notice that my running was almost the same every day. Even when I tried to understand how I ran, I could analyses it in just two parameters: Time and distance.
  3. As I had started to run with a target, I realized that I needed better strategy to run better.
  4. I knew that I was running good but I wanted to give a better shape to my work. I wanted to increase the visibility of my hard work.

The Army Col invited me to join a running group through a web link that he provided when we started our work out group, Runtastic. In that app, I was able to see how much he ran, how much I ran. The app will throw data on its own. I did not need to do any math work at my end. I liked the idea of having a tool that can measure my running performance. This idea was capable of pushing me forward like an athlete. I was overjoyed with the idea of being able to do something that I can be proud of. I had never experienced the thrill of a sportsmen. I was a Non-Sports guy throughout my school days. So, when I grew up, I yearned to take up some kind of sports to make up for missed out opportunities.

I wanted to jump at this opportunity. So, I started using the app. But within few days, I found that it was giving problems with GPS in my area. The distance that the app measures is by using the GPS technology. I then, searched for better options in google app store. I came across many but nothing worked perfect in my area. Then, I found googlefit. I like the app and used it for a long time. I was using the googlefit when I ran my first official running event.

smart watch


By the time, I finished my 21k, I was sure that I can elevate my performance as I was set for bigger things in running. This is when I was ready to invest in a device that could do all analytics work for me.

  1. Measure my distance, time, speed,
  2. keep a record of my running every day.
  3. Show me how much I ran in a day, in a month, in a year and so on.

To fulfill all these needs, I bought my first running watch cum smart watch. This device is great. I am currently using Garmin Forerunner 35. I just love the way the device helps me to run. It’s like my companion.

Folks it would be great sharing your thoughts on the benefits of using a measuring device for running.



On January 1, 2018, I declared in my school group on Whatapp, “I resolve to run wanna run with me, come along, let’rs run.

Over the past two years, I have learned to harness the power of social media fo powerful running. I now have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts apart from regular WhatApp to engage with people on running. So, here I am going to share with you my experience of how I am reaping rich dividends from social media and you too can go for it.

The group event to run on a new year day evoked a very positive response. Many of the group members showed up the next morning. They all posted their pics in the group. It was very encouraging to see my childhood buddies coming out of the houses and running outside, soaking the sunlight and bringing the smile on each other’s face. Seeing me posting and a few others, many others too followed suit. They were all thanking me and praising me.

Beyond the praise, I discovered that I became accountable for a task that I had announced to the group. When you are accountable, you will do your best. My friends were looking up to me. But, I also knew that this fervor will lose its steam as all new year resolutions do. So, I wanted to give them something big and engage them in a kind of game. I made my announcement of running 1800 km.

Daily morning, I would go for a run. On the way, I would click pics with my cellphone. I was not having a smartwatch back then. I was also not carrying any music equipment to listen while running. My cellphone would act as a Camera as well as Music Player. I would stop my Music to click pics and go back to running with music. Even my running meter was a mobile app. So, I was juggling with a lot of things on my mobile. But, it was fun back then.

When I would come back from the run, I would think of a good quote of mine and post it with one of the best pics of the day. In the process, I found that I was engaging myself with running at a deeper level. At an emotional level. and my friends responded to it very positively. But gradually they started losing interest in the game of running. Nevertheless, I had understood by then that Social connect works wonders for pursuing a thing that matters to you. It gives you the motivation, the drive and the ways to move beyond self-made boundaries.

My school group friends stopped putting likes or reciprocating after some time. But there were one or two, who would come back every day and give a BIG THUMBS UP to me. They became my torchbearers.

One of them who is my hero as well as an Army Col. He in the meantime realizing that I am supposed to be pushed forward for the cause of run, create a group that he named Awesum Threesum. We were three friends in the school group who were left with lasting interest to run. So, we formed our own group and started sharing our physical activities there.

The group became the game changer for me. We 3 started to share much more intensely. Little details. Any crazy idea. There, the col. introduced me to the idea of running with an app to measure my distance. So far, I was doing casual runs. The only parameter that I measured was the time that I would spend on tracks. For the first time, he then invited us 2 to join him on Runtastic – An App by Sports branch, Adidas. There, we could connect with other like-minded runners and share our scores. These days, I am using STRAVA, the place to be for self-lovers and runners.

Now, the group hosts his friends and my friends. And these are those who love to give themselves the magic of the move-ment. We all pursue different sports. One pursues, running, another cycling. But, we all have one single goal – be fit and empower others to be fit.