The peepal tree and my grandpa

This is peepal tree. And under its shade, I have always found refuge for my soul.

My grandpa would take me here everyday. He would offer his prayers and give bath to hanuman ji, after taking bath himself.

God’s are treated like elders. Or even you can say vice versa. And therefore, God’s are treated like companions or friends.

After giving bath, he would come back, open his sacred texts and read. I would simply sit there and wait for his scripture reading to get over.  My intent used to be the prasadam that he distributed to all the kids out there.

My granny would always bring something special. This special offering to God’s would be made of Sweets, milk, fruits etc. Or you can say the finest food that could be offered.

This offering to gods first is called bhog. After, grandpa had offered prayers, anchman and food, he would sit down and have himself with us.

I loved the whole process so much. So, still when I come back to this peepal tree, all my memories come to life. I can still see my grandpa, walking briskly with kailash in one hand lifted above his shoulders and me running behind him half naked.

All these years, while I have kept  changing and experiencing the crests and troughs of life, I have always found my soul re-invigorated and energized simply coming under its shade and spending some time here.

Now, it stands as it used to years ago. And gives me support!

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