Why do I run when I can simply sit idle.

Comfort is often associated with those activities that do not require much of moving around.

And physical activity is generally termed effort seeking. When you put efforts, it is most likely that it’s not natural. It’s asking yourself to go against your own will to do some thing that you would prefer no to do given a choice.

Do you know why?

Let’s go back to the story of human evolution. A large part of human existence has been about active involvement in hunting, gathering and living in physically uncomfortable living standards. If you check out the way our body is built, you will realize that there is a lot to attribute to our evolution for the way we move around. The way we stand. The way we think about comfort and discomfort.

In today’s modern age, we have gathered more luxuries than required. We have almost automated our lives. Most of what we do is done by clicking a button. Our age is an automation age.

But, I have realized that struggle is the way. The real comfort does not lie in luxuries. Had it been the case, we would not have the term – lifestyle diseases. Those diseases that find their way into our lives not because of an infection, immunity failure or the presence of a foreign factor in our body. It’s about the way we live. The way we sit, stand, sleep. The kind of stuff that we eat. The timings at which we eat. The way our food is packaged. All this is part of the way we live.

Modern medicine has clarified beyond doubt that the best way to live a life of health and happiness is to cut down on oyr luxuries and be in tune with the evolution story.

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