Childhood running!

Did I learn how to run? I don’t think so.

I just revived running in my life. I did not know that running was coming again my way. I had never been a sports guy though. I have always loved to live indoors. My love has always been books and the stories in them. Still, they are.

But running happened to me again for good. I have always admired people who run. I would look at their agility. Most of these runners ran as cricketers, soccer players, baseball players, kho-kho players etc.

But, I do have very sweet and memorable stories that are related to running. My dad would tell me, “when I was a kid, I would run to school unlike you kids.” well said. My father belonged to a village in the central part of India. He was a farmer’s son. Therefore, he would do lots of physical activities unlike us kids who were born and brought up in urban luxuries. Back in those days, there were no roads. So, he would meander through farms and reach the school happily running. The school was 7 kms away from the village.

When I was growing up, I used to watch one Television serial, the flying sikh. The soap was based on the true story of a man who weathered all to rise from a cook to become a Olympian. His name is Milkha Singh. The reason for interest was my dad again. This stalwart used to work as a cook in the same unit once upon a time where my dad got a chance to have one of his postings. So, he always drew pride telling us the lore of Milkha Singh.

My dad belonged to the Indian Armed forces. So, I have largely stayed in Army Cantonments for all of my childhood. The Army folks have this thing called: first period. In this period, they are supposed to report for running and jogging at 5:00 am early morning. So, my dad would wake up early morning and go for a run.

Playing seven stones, gulli danda

In school, I was good for no sports but running. Soccer used to be the game that we most played in our sports hours. I was a laggard who hardly got the ball to his legs but he would run and keep running. I hated a game where you don’t get a chance. Where over a dozen are running behind one.

He would wake us kids up and ask us to go out, have fresh air and morning sunlight. But, who gets up in those hours when the sleep is at its best. The hours between 4 a.m. and 5:30 am. So, we

Kho kho & joy riding on used cycle tyre

But, unknowingly I have played a lot of games that are not played as games officially. Pakdam-pakdaai(running and chasing) , chuppan-chuppai(hide and seek) , pithu(seven stones) , running behind used cycle tyres etc. I have felt that all this activities always associated with joy and happiness. I never wanted a reason to play. No one told that you are improving your IQ with this game, or gaining physical strength with that. It was pure joy.

What did you play or run for in your childhood. Please share in the comments below. Would be glad to know about you!

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