The Resolution

You can change an idea into a reality when you are prepared for it.

And it is true that an idea changes your life. A single idea when implemented in its totality can bring a big transformation in life. It can turn around your life.

This is exactly what happened in my life when I took up running. I am a runner now. I run long distances. I have so far run 21 km the longest. And now I am preparing for a full marathon which happens to be 42 km. Exactly double!! And I am loving every bit of my running.

2 years ago, I took up running to buck up my health. I was falling apart. I have always been a health-conscious person. But, I never took up so seriously to uplift my health as I did with running in the last two years.

I was in dire straits. Life was kicking me on all sides. The job. The family. The people. But, I had somehow taken it so far. But, I could take all that no longer. I was almost on the verge of a breakdown. A few days back, I had visited a doctor for a health ailment. Instead of telling him about my physical discomfort, I broke down in front of him and told him about my mental discomforts.

A 38 years old man crying in front of a Doctor like a child who has been hit by something.

Let me first tell you about my Job:

Being a banker.

I am a banker. Being a banker is not tough. You are managing other people’s money. You are lending them. You are opening their accounts. Whatever you are doing, you are doing it from the comfort of your chair. So, what’s the big deal?

I had been working for long now. Confined to chair for 8 to 10 hours had become a habit for me. I was however now facing some tough time due to this luxury of the chair. I had visited a Doctor few days back to ask him to look between my butts. I had been found to be suffering from piles. It was no longer easy for me to sit on my chair. Wherever I sat, I would scream in pain. It was an unrelenting pain that I suffered when I rode my motorbike. It was no longer possible for me to sit for more than 10 mins as I would get the seizures of pain. When I went to attend nature’s call, I would start chanting mantras to be able to do what I had gone for there. But, in place of that(gut), I would see the blood and experience the unbearable pain.

My weight was 96 kg (211.64 lbs) at this time. I was spending 8 to 10 hours at work.

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