The Power of Running

Before you start to run, there are other things that you need to start doing. I call them “The Pre-Requisites”

Some years ago, when I used to run on and off, I would injure myself often. As a result, I would pause running for days before I could come back to running. I would not graduate to a regular runner until I discovered the science of running.

Learning to run regularly takes time. It is not a one day or one week affair. You would need time to learn the ropes before you can turn into a pro. But the wait is worth every moment you invest into it. Once you have mastered the basics, the sky is your limit.

The Pre-Requisites:

  • A human body is comprising of several bones. They are inter-connected to each other like a network. These bones are connected to each other at junction points. These junction points allow the bones to twist and turn in different directions. So, you have joints like Knee joints, Ankle joints etc. Overall, it has been found that we have 360 such joints in our body.

These joints have a cushion like structures covering them. These are called Cartilages. They are responsible for keeping our joints in proper shape and form. Cartilages absorb shock and spreads the load to avoid a focus of peak stress at these joints. Thus your joints remain fit and help you in locomotion. Your ability to run free of joint pain issues for years even decades would depend on an compromised function of this cartilage.

When you are beginning to run, you would require to bring these cartilages to proper warm up. The years of inactivity due to our sedentary lifestyle would have made our cartilages stiff. If you would start running like a regular runner on day 1, you may end up damaging these cartilages.

So, what you need to do is allow your self ample time to start running. It may take a week of warm up for 25 minutes every day before I would recommend you to start running.

2. Breathing: Running is an aerobic activity. Your running would require you to inhale and exhale more than a normal person who does not run. If you would start running from day 1, you would feel breathless in a short distance. You will run for a while and then your running will come to an abrupt ending. You may pant and possible faint. So, don’t do that for the initial days of running. Just go slow and focus on opening up your lungs. That’s it.

There are few breathing techniques that can help you to become better breather. I will tell you that soon.

3. Shoes: Do some research and find about running shoes. Yup, these are not your plain canvas or sneakers. There are specially designed running shoes. They enable you to run without suffering leg injuries.

4. Location of your running: Avoid running on hard surfaces like roads, concrete etc. Choose off road locations that are muddy. You can go to parks that have open space for running. These days many communities organise park-runs as fun-filled activity. You can participate in them. Choose a location that is away from crowd. Running can be meditative.

5. Run as you like: Running can be done alone or with a running buddy. You don’t need to worry about the company. In case, you don’t have a company, it’s nicer. Put on some nice melodious music and go for run. After some time, you will forget about having company. Your run time will become your me time.

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