Close your day with energy boost by exercising.

As I come back home, I feel tired. And I feel like, बस हो गया… अब कुछ नहिं…(I am done. I can’t do anything more). I will just lie down.

Guess what this is the feeling of being exhausted – mentally and physically at the end of the day when you come back home.

We are told that we feel tired or lazy and therefore we refrain from exercising. But wait! This is just a belief system that we are told. It’s not the truth.

And I have worked on this thought. I gave myself a new thought. I told myself that I can workout in the evening as my body loves the sweat and the flow of blood that happens post workout. And what I have discovered is so awesome.

I come back home. And allow myself to have some light snacks and hydration. I allow myself detach from the day’s work. It takes around 15-20 minutes to make the switch.

Our mind and body are closely inter-connected. They listen to each other. So, what the mind commands, the body bends to take the command. Bring them( mind – body) to the state of peace. And you will see a spurt in energy levels to workout.

I have imagined my body as the best place to work out. So, I use my body as the equipments to workout. And I can use any space to do the flexing of muscles. My drawing room or anywhere else. All I need is the space to stretch my body enough.

I do push ups. I do Crunches. I do stretching. I do planking. And I do a lot of stretching just to get the stressed bones and muscles that tweaking to put them back in comfort and relaxed state.

My body loves the sweat. And the feel that I get post working out. And as we experience more and more love, our mind gets attuned to the new way of active lifestyle.

After the work out is done, I feel like I have given a huge respect to my mind and my body. And this thought immerses me in the lake of positivity. I eat my food with much craving. I don’t eat much in the evenings but whatever goes inside goes without guilt.

And this is what makes me so positive and confident about my health. I spend an average of 10-15 minutes. And that leaves me with immense content and peace inside. My inner kingdom expands a tiny bit every day!

And as I lay my head on the pillow, the angels come and take me to the land of dreams. It’s just few minutes and I board my sleeping train.

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