2 types of energy:

OF energy exists in us. And it is up to us to invoke the type we want to.

“oh, I am a slow runner. I still run the damn slow speed. I am not even carrying the weight properly in all these days.”

“oh, I got up late. I have been trying to wake up early morning. But!!”

“why this problem. I want to go running. But time is always a challenge”

This is how the *negative mind* will speak to you. And it mostly speaks to you WHEN YOU DO NOTHING.

Negativity is the product of insecurity that sprouts from the armpits of inactivity.

Do nothing and you will continue to grow insecure.

On the other hand, speak to yourself and talk like you were speaking to a legend. And pay all the respect and regard to your self. And you will feel the magic.

“oh dear! You are so brave and so committed to the sheer cause of running. Your spirits never let you down. You always keep pushing yourself through all the troubles and tribulations and keep running.

You know that you are not all that powerful. But, you have the faith that you can push your spirits high and lift yourself from the dungeons of unhappiness.

Because you know that giving all that you have and cherishing all that you have been bestowed with is the real secret sauce of unlimited joy and happiness in our lives.

Your running liberates you and sets you free. Keep running. Keep moving for there is only joy and peace in running.

Sanjuruns. 

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