Run to be Resilient

Running is not just a physical activity. It is a mental act too. When you run, your mind also runs. The act of running involves engaging the mind as well as the body. You must have heard of a Runner’s High. Runner’s high is a feeling people attain when they keep running for long and feel like never stopping!

Since the time I have started to run, I have seen tremendous change happening in my life. And this change has happened to me for good. Running can help you learn life’s important skills. Running challenges you. It throws a new challenge at you every day albeit not so challenging that you surrender.

Before I can go further and explain myself, let me first tell you about the meaning of Resilience. The Cambridge Dictionary describes Resilience as an ability to be happy, successful, etc again after something difficult or bad has happened. I call it, Coming Back Stronger in life after you are have been struck with a tragedy.

Many a time it happens that you don’t feel like you are living a life of your dreams. And this happens even with those who have attained a respectable social and economic status. There is a lot that can be blamed on the fast pace of life that we are living in. The modern lifestyle that focusses on acquiring material wealth has somehow eluded us from the simple pleasure that life offers.

In our quest to become materially prosperous we have literally surrendered ourselves to the ramifications of modern work culture. At this age, a lot of our time is spent on our desktops and mobile phones. Working 12 hours a day in the office and not taking care of our diet, sleep, and overall health has become the norm of the day. It’s considered a taken.

Would you agree if I told you that there is emotional and mental distress that we suffer every day as a result of hectic work life? I am sure you would! There is a steep rise in the deterioration of mental health

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