Don’t Push yourself hard, But, push yourself every day.

The year 2020 is going to start in another 2 months. Do you have running as your no 1 resolution for the year? Then, you MUST read this post. It’s for you.

You started your new year with lots of zeal and hope. You did run for the first week. You were watching a lot of youtube videos, listening to my podcast and reading my immensely passionate blogging on running. But, it all fell flat after a week or so. Your mind is now telling you to back out. It is straining your body and mind. You feel exhausted by the beginning of your day. You even got the muscle pull in your left leg. And you think, “How crazy was I to think of running is good for health. I was better off rolling in bed till late morning and sipping a cup of coffee and watching how many died in the earthquake in the somewhere part of Afrcia“.

If anything like this has happened to you and you relapsed to your worse old ways, then you are my close buddy. I love you. Falling to live up to our new year resolutions is more common than rising to our hope and expectations. But had it been over in a year or so, I would not have been writing this blog nor would you be reading this post. Deep down, I and you know for sure that our new year resolution had a meaning. And then, you tell yourself to give it another shot.

The reason we falter to maintain running passion is due to some common mistakes that we end up committing in our early running days. We train ourselves too hard too quick to get too good results. We push ourselves so hard like we were driving a car without any speed limits. Suddenly, the petrol got over or the car met with a major accident and is no good.

Running long distances is a great way to build good health. So, the deal is good. If you learned the ways to run long distances and maintain this for life, you will turn around yourself. This is the dream I am giving you. I had this as my dream and I have realized it. So, I want to tell you small little secrets that if you got, you will be a winner at running.

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