Arm Swings and How they can aid your good running form

Your running form is a very important factor in deciding if you are going to enjoy your run or not. In this post, I am gonna talk about using Arm Swings to aid your running.

It took me a while to realize that my arms are my good running companions. When you run, your both arms naturally move back and forth. This back and forth movement of your arms gives your body a push to move forward. Your arms work somewhat like the rowers.

Our arms are joint at the shoulder points of the body. These points provide a jerk to your shoulders. When you move your arms back and forth, the shoulders also feel the impact. Therefore, make sure that you are moving your arms from 0 degrees to 90 degrees movement for optimal performance.

As you swing your arms from 0 to 90, the shoulders will find maximum support and the body will get the maximum thrust. We are mostly in the habit of swinging our arms to a 45 degrees angle. This may lead to slouching of shoulders.

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