5 little known secrets of good running

The author attempts to make running a normal phenomenon for everyone. Especially, those who have given up running long back and who are leading sedentary lives. For such souls, running is the best way to come back to fitness and health.

Let us see how :

If you decide to run today, who can stop you. Soon after you have read this blog post and feel inspired t take it up, all you have to do is get off the chair and go out in the open.

You can run as little as you want. Start with 5 minutes. So, if you decide to start running, spend the first few days, I would say 5 days is walking. Simply walk. Walking will give a boost to your legs. Your legs muscles that are called shin splints would have become stiffened over time. Therefore, it is not advisable to start running from the word go.

There are different forms of running: Slow running, fast running, jogging, brisk walking, etc. You may choose to run at your pace. If you have just started to run, I would suggest that you take up slow running and jogging. Walk for some distance and jog for some distance. Keep Walking and jogging in the ration of 2:1 for the first 5 days.

The first 5 days should be smooth for you. No struggle required. Just take out time and go for a walk or run. The only thing to keep in mind is to do it. It does not matter where and when.

You see there are multiple things that creep up in mind when you would think of starting to run: like taking out time, what time of the day. how much time, where should I go and run etc. I suggest you take up one single thing and gain victory over it. So, if you take up that one thing, I suggest that you take up: Take out time and run. Go deaf to all other expectations of yours. Just go and run anywhere.

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