Your relationship with your mind and body

Fitness is your romantic relationship with your body.

Your body is like your friend. You need her. And she needs you.

Living with a body that’s nasty 濫 at times is ok. But, if that is the only thing that you have got used to , and losing sense of adventure and experiments, then you have a toxic relationship.

And who can be happy with such a companion. All of us want to fit. It’s like telling that we all want to have great friend in our life. But, how many of us really think of becoming one.

Your fitness is your very intimate relationship with yourself. And until and unless you aren’t happy with this relationship, you will have tough time weathering the vagaries of human minds and their actions.

Keeping a great body that moves, turns, bends and an active mind that’s grateful and kind will make them your lifelong companions.

I must say, have few relationships in life. But, have them deep and meaningful.

Once you have learnt to give appropriate care to your mind and body, you could become a good human. The human who is capable of loving others too.

The real mountains to climb are within. Live in peace with yourself. Live in Great hape with yourself.

Your happiness should not depend on the world outside. Become the source yourself.

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