Your fitness dreams: find a mentor or become your own!

To accomplish a goal, you need a system in place.

This is where most of us are caught unprepared. We have no idea how to go about creating a plan of action.

We do create plans but those plans are self made and therefore are formed on mere imagination.

Due to lack of experience, our imagination does not enable us to crate a actionable plan. And this is where the vast majority kill themselves.

They don’t invest in the professional help. And I wonder why?

Professional help may cost you capital. The professional who will help you will ask you to offer your time and commitment. There is going to be monetary transaction.

But, due to lack of our professional attitude, we presume that we should be able to do it all on our own.

Unfortunately, our education system has absolutely not taught us anything about the 3 pillars of great living :

  • health

And therefore, if you wish to grow in your life then you need to find ways to learn these skills on your own. Or take professional help.

You need to be either Arjuna who has a Drona like guru or a Eklavya who can meditate on a guru and be self taught.

This is what I did when I ran my first year in 2018 and accomplished the target of running 1800 kms. 5 km a day.

Be like Eklavya

Fitness goals are just the same. They need us to be well learned. One must spend time and resources to educate himself or herself in the school of fitness. Until you do that you are merely fantasizing about fitness.

After 4 years, it seems like a surprise to me that our education system has grossly ignored the finer elements of life. And our policy makers still hold the myopic vision of our colonial rulers.

I am no longer the same the way I used to be. I have a proper structure in place. I have a plan of action for my morning routine. I have a plan of action for my post work evening routine.

I have learned the art and the science of eating. I have invested a fair amount of time on taming mind and heart. I am more spiritual running a marathon than thinking about life, death and God.

Be so committed that you can uplift yourself. And I bet you have it in you if you can set your mind to it.

Be like Arjuna

Arjuna was fortunate to be born to a princely state. He had the privilege to have the blessings of a guru like Dronacharya.

You do need a guru or a mentor to help you through the complexities. A guru who can train you to look straight into the eye so that you can hit your targets and goals like he would!

Don’t rely totally on what you learned in school to live your life

What you have invested in years of time and your parents investing a fair amount of their fortune is shockingly having a very superficial value.

That kind of education neither guarantees a life time of vocation or values or even the comfort! It is however good enough to confuse you to keep you engaged in searching for the purpose that you were born to : accomplish.

So, make a choice today and find a mentor to your fitness dreams!

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