Why we need motivation to work out? Why?

I realized an important thing today.

While we go to work, we never question if we need to go to work. Even when we do, we still drag ourselves to work.

We know what is the outcome if we go to work( you love your job) . Or may be of we don’t go to work(you love your pay).

Even those who hate to work still work. Guess, why?

Because they know that the only way to put money on the table is : to work.

Haha, such a simple principle to understand. What’s the big deal?

No one, really loves to work every day for 365/366 days a year. Still, we end up making good grades with respect to work and take home the money, the fame and may be lots of purpose and meaning that enriches our lives.

But, this is where we diverge in our thought process….. We wait for the motivation to come and drive us if we want to improve our health and fitness .

Why is that?
Is it optional?

Thing that matter the most are overlooked the most…!!

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