Why stress taken at workplace is different from the stress during the course of Running?

Today, I was discussing about the Mind-body connection with my wife. She had a small misunderstanding with one of our neighbor.

We were discussing how our nature of think impacts the body. Like, when we have negative thoughts, the body responds in the form of headaches and other types of body aches.

The stress is the most simple and best example of how a turbulence produced in mind leads to spreading its harm to the various body parts. When we are stressed, we get migraines. Right!!

This made me wonder about running. Running is such a stressful activity. It tires the body. It tires the mind. After a good long run, you are panting and breathless.

Still, there is big contrast between how you feel after talking to a boss on a sensitive issue and how you feel after running a marathon.

There is a feeling of joy and victory. There is a feeling of honor and pride it lifts your self esteem notches high. On the other hand, the body and mind are feeling miserable after a sad meeting at workplace.

Do you know why?

It all boils down to chemicals that are released in the body. Our brain is the driver of all the functions. So, when you provide positivity to it, it releases endorphins, serotonin, myelin, BDNFs. Where as when you are at workplace and struggling, it releases the cortisol. The stress Harmonie that is responsible for multiple malfunctions in the body.

I don’t need to tell you the harmful effects of stress produced at work.

So, the thing that I want to tell you is your attitude is crucial. Even if things are not in your favor, work towards controlling your negative emotions and structuring your ideas in a positive framework.

Take my words, it works. Wonders.

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