Why I decided to run a marathon

The decision to run a marathon was not based on the following ideas :

  1. I want to show the people what I am.
  2. That I am fit and hale and healthy. I had achieved it by running 5k every day.
  3. That I am better than the others.
  4. That it will bring me monetary rewards.
  5. That it was easy to do so lemme do this.
  6. That I can enjoy the rest of my life if I did this running of a marathon.

But, what really led to the big idea was :

  1. I was ready. I ws ready to take the plunge into possibilities.
  2. I wanted to face my demons. Many of the sources of unhappiness like hate, jealousy, anger etc livin within me. I wanted to give them the play field to demonstrate if they really mattered in life.
  3. I had started to believe in myself. All my life, I compared myself with the others and had felt miserable. Here was an opportunity to find what I am capable of.
  4. When I ran, I gave time to myself. I listened to the music. I the monkeys jump from one branch to another, I listened to the chirping of birds. I was with myself. And I discovered that I was no longer lonelier. It was only that I did not befriend my self ever since my childhood because I did not if that beautiful soul existed in me.

So, it was a leap of faith and the total change in my beliefs that now I was capable of finding joy an dhappiness in life.

The route to happiness and joy is painful. It passes through the dark tunnels of doubts and fears and insecurities.

So, you need to face and move ahead and not run away… So, I decided to run the race of my life on my foot on my mind and with possibilities filled in my heart.

And I became a marathon runner. 🏃‍♂️

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