It is easy to do the things that find outside triggers. But it is not going to be easy for the things that won’t have any outside triggers.

You may be wondering what I mean by saying this. I am telling this in the context of the self care, fitness, health and well being.

Not many of us are able to find the time easily to workout for our fitness. I have met a lot of people who have asked me to extend my helping hand in enabling them to get consistent with their fitness regimen.

They get inspired or motivated and then they do it for some days. For example, at the beginning of a new year, there is a lot of motivation around. Every one is talking about the resolutions. And you may find the media talking about it in the newspapers, internet and on television.

But, soon it’s all gone. And we are back to our business. Everyone is again busy with their own set of things. They find that they have better things and more important things waiting for them. And therefore, they can’t do it now. They can’t afford to give that extra time to fitness. They would be better of doing their main course work like office work, family work or something that requires their urgent attention.

And thus they sideline their own selves. This is where our consistency is broken and we are left to wonder how the hell in the world would we ever be able to make time for our running, exercising or playing any kind of sport that may help our mental and physical well being.


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We are not able to do the consistent workout every day over the whole stretch of the year because we don’t really think that we are priority for ourselves.

If you aks me, I think personally that we don’t respect our own body good enough to be making this fitness culture in our lives a non negotiable part of our existence.

Don’t we get up every day and brush our teeth, go to the loo, wash ourselves, eat our food, drive our car etc. Don’t we?

We do. But when it comes to waking up early in the morning, we don’t have time for that. We miss on that every day. And later we regret.


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The way our fitness and PT classes are handled in schools has much to be implored about.

No body really takes these classes seriously. I remember my own PT and games classes. We were left to ourselves by our PT master to go pick up the sports equipment and play around.

I have not seen my PT master ever coming to the ground to teach us the basics of sports and fitness.

Those who have the natural aptitude for the sports may have got the attention of these teachers. But what about the rest of the class. Aren’t they supposed to be educated and sensitised on the importance of playing games in their own lives.

Is it then a wonder to see that a billion plus nation is feeling happy with just 7 medals in the Olympics. Our status in the world of sports clearly illustrates where we are focusing. We have highly neglected our health related subjects at the school level.


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Where the west and other nations are now sensitising their citizens and they are working in creating a fitness culture, Indians are happy get consumed by luxury and consumerist culture.

No one really goes for a morning walk until or unless a doctor has given that as a prescription to you.

When I get up in the morning and go outside for my run, I only see a handful of people coming out of their homes to seek the fresh air and morning sunlight.

The rest of the population gets up to open their smart phones and start scrolling their social media accounts. Or they are going to be late because they were busy on their social media account till late night.

People are shying in India to go for a run or take a walk if it’s like too late. I have been interrupted by my neighbours when I have got up late and went for my run like 12 in the afternoon.

I can understand that there is a good time for exercise in the morning. But who should be really stopping you or giving you that stare to indicate that there is something wrong with ourselves.

I have my friends telling me in the US that there you will find people who run the afternoon, who run in the evening and you will find them running anywhere and everywhere.

Unlike the US and other nations, we are more social and therefore, we prefer to ape the behaviour of the majority.

This is really sad that we don’t have any fitness culture in India.

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