What makes it possible, year after year

What makes possible my running is not about running.

It is about the core philosophy of life.

The reason why we don’t stick with our fitness regimen is because we don’t actually have a long term goal.

We have very short term goals – lose weight, look good etc.

And therefore, when our small time efforts fail to show us the results, we give up.

I thought about the long term game. 5 years.

And you can see the results. Investing 5 yrs into something as important as health is a very short time it seems to me.

Because, fitness is so much about our total health than merely about weight, looks, muscles etc.

Our total fitness is about finding balance between mind, body and our spirits.

Our fitness is about how we feel, what kind of relationships we are with people around, the work that we do daily and the life goals that we have.

Don’t think that exercise is what will make you fit. You would need more than that. You need to eat right, sleep tight and think bright.

You gotta understand that your life must be about action more and contemplation less. Reflect more and read less. Digest more and consume less.

And we need to keep a total tab on our aspirations.

My Fitness journey not just made me fit and healthy but it also has given me a lot of confidence in relationships, work and overall optimism for living.

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