What is the best time for you to RUN

Does it ever strike to you? Did you ever ask this question to yourself?

I mean you would have if you are a person like me. I am a full-time employee. This means that I have a work-life. A very sedentary work life. It also means that I spend most of my day at work sitting. I have a desk job where I work on my desktop.

I realized pretty early in my life that I didn’t want to end up like a person with a Belly. Although I was not a child who took care of his looks, I became conscious of my looks during my college days. And I was lucky to discover almost at the same time that looks are not just your face cuts and color of your skin. It has a lot to do with your height and weight.

To ward of getting fat, I made sure that I cultivate some good habits. I am a voracious reader. I read plenty. I have learned and educated my self through reading. I have a diverse educational background. But, that’s for another day. Here, I want you to learn that I prefer to read what I want to learn or the skill I want to pick up. So, when it came to learning about physique and how to maintain a good one, I took to reading books and magazines.

Back in those days, the internet was not big. We had to shell out a handsome amount to browse 2g at a cyber-cafe. Books were my only resort. I went to a book store and browsed through the books and found this one: Pumping IRON. This is a bodybuilding book that I have in my possession even today. I love this book for its weight and glossy pics.

So, I was telling you about the best time to run. And I got carried away. If you are still with me, let’s get back. I had read enough by the age of 21 to convince me that Exercise is the best thing I could do to maintain my looks in life. And as I was not born a Greek God, I knew that I can’t score on looks. But, I can certainly do something about my body shape and the mindset.

The first job that I started my career was a job that entailed working in shifts. So, no matter how much I knew about fitness and exercise and their great benefits, I knew it was not going to be a cakewalk.

I have learned a lot about health and fitness. But there is one thing that I wan to tell you for sure. No matter how much knowledge you possess, if you are not applying, it is of ZERO value to YOU. So, I tried to do what I could in the existing circumstances.

To my pleasant surprise, I found that my office had a GYM. And the GYM had 3 treadmills. Even more comforting was the fact that no one was utilizing the GYM facility. I would go there and spend my time. I started to use treadmill for the first time for walking. I enjoyed walking on the treadmill.

I noticed (mind it, that time I was not doing any research or had anything intelligent to talk about fitness) that it gave me relief from my highly stressful job of a call center. I would simply climb on the treadmill and keep walking. I remember that it took me 35 minutes to finish a total distance of 3 km. Today, I run close to 7 km in the same time.

This way, I started to run at 23 years on a treadmill. Treadmills were the first GYM equipment that I had ever used. And I loved it so much. So, if you are a person like me, I highly recommend that you go to a GYM where you have a treadmill or get one for yourself on which you can do running, walking, etc.

GRadually, Running became mu go-to remedy to handle the work-related stress. I would go during the breaks or when my days used to get over. I have done all sorts of night shifts, morning shits, and other such awkward shifts. But, I made sure that I lent help to my daily struggle of fighting the odds and coming out victorious.

The only thing that kept me going during the dark hours at work was my running. I would spend 35 to 40 minutes on the treadmill and I would do fine soon after. This was the remedy I have found my self and nature. My running was so particular that there have been days, where I would come back from my night shift and 5:30 am and go for a morning run at 8:00 am.

….more to come, here.

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