What do you wear when you run

I started to run in chappals and cotton t-shirt. Yes, and for a very long time, I continued doing that.

I did not bother to change or equip myself with all that is available in the market. The market is full of merchandise that you would be tempted to buy. I discovered my needs on the way. I would run in normal canvas shoes. I never thought that I needed to upgrade them for running.

So, folks, this post is about the running gear. You may wonder if you need to go and buy those costly Ts and Shorts of Big Brand Sports Apparels. Let me give you a quick rundown on what you can think of adding to your budget to have better running experience.

Head Gear: Head Gear is the clothing that you put around your head. I prefer to wear headgears around my head for two reasons:

To protect my hair against dust and cold & to use it as a fashion accessory. You may not feel the need for this gear in your initial days and that’s fine. When I had no idea if there are such head-gears that exist, I used to just put around my handkerchief as it helped me to keet the sweat of the forehead dripping on my face.

These days, it’s a must. I wear it to honor the runner in me.

T-Shirt or Singlets : This is one area that you need to focus on. I started to run in cotton T-Shirts. Cotton Shirts are not good for running long distances. They are bad for those who sweat profusely like me. I kept on wearing them until I found that there are better alternatives around.

Wear T-shirts or Sandos made with lycra material. They are good for sweat. What they do is they throw the sweat out of your body. They keep you dry as much as possible.

Running Shorts: I love to run in nickers. Those shorts that are neither too short nor too long or baggy. Wear shorts that are well above your knee joints. It will be good for you if you can find one with meshing inside. If you don’t get one with meshing inside, you can go for runners underwear. They are pretty useful. They give you a good feel and help you run better. You need to have Shorts that help your body to breathe better and enable you to stretch. The elastic band on the hips should not cause much trouble and be easy.

Running Shoes: The best bet for your PRs and PBs. This is the favorite part of my running gear. I used to run in ordinary canvas shoes until I discovered the beauty of running in specialized running shoes. These shoes are specifically meant for running long distances. So, the makers provision enough space for your toes. They are designed to provide ample breathing in the front half with meshing. The sole does not wear-off easily due to pronation.

Apart from the above regular running gear, I have some add ons to suggest to you:

Music: It is a good idea to carry a gadget on which you can listen to music. I carry my mobile with the internet on long runs. As my body is running the race,I let my mind enjoy the beauty of surroundings and make it multiply with an inspirational talk or bring nostalgia listening to my favorite songs.

A friend of mine gifted me a cordless wi-fi enabled earphones from Boat Rockerz. They are amazing. They help you listen to music, podcasts and inspiring talks while on the run without hassles. Running with ear cords is a pain. They keep dropping all the time. Boat Rockers are easy. Just put them on your head and they stay there as long as you want.

These are the bare essentials that I use to run and enjoy my running. What do you wear? Do you have anything to add or suggest? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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