Walking without Shoes

The act of physical exercise is a blessing for our mind and the body. Giving our body an optimum amount of move-ment is key to living a healthy life.

Our body is a mechanical structure. Look at it closely. You will see that it is like a giant machine. This machine needs to be put to mechanical movements for it’s smooth functioning. Unfortunately, we are not doing that.

Those who can’t run or those who want to start running, I am writing this post for you. You can start your journey from walking and moving around. Walking is an excellent physical act. With your least amount of efforts, you can start. You don’t require any kind of special training to do this.

Back in my village, I see a lot of folks walking around almost all through the day. They stay cheerful amidst the heat of work. Most of the farm labour is still done by hands. Therefore, they are required to move around. There is one old man whom I find very inspiring in my village. One day, it was raining. But he had gone to his field to fetch grass for his cattle. And this was not one of those normal sunshine days.

Urban dwellers don’t find good walking space. Either they are living in flats and apartments or their area is hardly having breathing space outside their houses. For them, I would suggest to come out at least once or twice in a week and visit the local nearby park. If you have some open space in your balcony or roof top, you know now what you need to do with them.

Try to walk on green grass. I must share with you about what walking did to me. I used to wear specs a while ago. I got specs because I was too overworked with computer work. I became myopic. It was not a major defect but I was required to wear specs. My mother suggested me to walk on morning dew laden grass bare feet. So, every morning I would go to walk bare feet in a local near by park. apart from the nutrition, my walk was one major factor due which I don’t need to wear glasses anymore.

So, when you walk on green dew laden grass in the morning, there are pressure points that get activated. You will be glad to know that there are almost there is a pressure point for every part of your body. Therefore, when you move, you walking movement positively impacts the body and the brain. You see, toe is a pressure point for your brain.

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With walking, you can try several creative options:

  • Walk bare feet on a muddy surface. Please make sure it clean and away from pollution.
  • Go to a park and remove your sandals and walk.
  • Try walking on non-concrete surfaces. Concrete surfaces can impact the joint muscles and harm them.
  • Beaches are the best places to walk. Next time, when you are nearby a beach, walk. Please don’t lie down as I see in movies.
  • sand walks are good. You can organise a good sand walk session for your family on a holiday outing. Every member of your family is going to love that.

Your feet is like a switchboard. There are several switches to activate almost each part of your body. Research tells that there are 3000-7000 such wires connecting your feet to the body parts.

Walking Rejuvenates You.

No wonder I am in love with the magic of the move-ment.

Have you experienced the joys of walking? Please do share in the comments below.

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