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I work in a way that compels me to be seated for long hours throughout the day. An average day of sitting for me is 7 hours. It means that I am seated for most of my awake time. Now add to it the sleep time of 7 hours that you need to take essentially. This brings the tally to 14 hours. Add to it the time that you spend in Car driving, Eating meals on tables, watching TV sitting on your sofa. Roughly you take all this for 2 hours. This way, you are sitting or sedentary for almost 66% of your 24 hours. I have not added the traveling time in Bus, Metro, etc.

So, this way, I can say for sure that white-collar workers like me are spending more than 50% of their lives simply sitting. This is very dangerous for your well-being. You must realize this ASAP and do something to get moving.

All you need to do is find out ways to start getting the moves. So, in this post, I will tell you 5 ways that you can keep away from sitting.

Number 1: Take short breaks: I don’t sit in my chair for more than one hour at a stretch. I make sure that I take short breaks and move around.

Let me tell you a small story from my life here. I noticed that my canteen boy was who is almost my age is fitter than me. Our canteen boys get the advantage of moving. He would get all the things done by moving. Even for a simple task like taking out a file from the almirah that’s just behind my chair, I used to ring the bell.

I have stopped doing that. I get up and go to fetch my file. I use this kind of opportunity to go around the office premises more often. This way even my staff if vigilant that the boss is on round!

So, use small opportunities to do the things that you can yourself. Like going to the coffee machine or water cooler.

Number 2: TAKE STAIRS: If you are working in a office that is located in a multi-storeyed building, please use stairs. Here you have a wonderful opportunity to give your body the magic of the move-ment. You can do this right! Make sure that you have enough time to go through the stairs and reach the office.

Maybe your office is on the 20th floor and it may be too tedious to do it right at the beginning of the day. You can choose to do 10 floors and take the list from the 10th to your office floor. You can do the remaining 10 in the evening. Howzaatt!!

Number 3: Drink plenty of wateR: Ha, Ha. Drinking plenty of water is going to keep you hydrated throughout the day. It has got multiple benefits for your body. The one spillover would be that you would be frequenting the washroom more often. Sometimes forcibly. But, you will move and give your body moving time.

I have shot down two challenges with just one bullet. I keep a water-filled bottle in front of me. Keeping yourself hydrated is very important for you in the normal course.

Number 4: GREET PEOPLE AT THEIR DESKS: Go and pay your regards to your colleagues at their workstations. This way, you not only get moving but also make sure that you have your dose of move-ment. People would love you for doing that. Even if you are a boss, you will see the rise in your respect among your staff members. Let them not have all the action, you become the moving guy and make your best move!

I do this all the time. And most of the time, I have noticed that they are more than obligated to stand up and greet me. You see, how killing our ego can get us healthy.

Number 5: LIFT YOU LEGS: Last but not least, I am going to tell you the most effective way to give your body a little jerk and the body the blood circulation. Whenever you want, you can lift your legs sitting on your chair. Bring them 4-5 inches above the ground and lower them back. You can repeat this exercise several times a day. It’s all up to you. Initially, you may not be able to do it easily. But with time, you will turn into a leg-turner!

So these are the ways you can get your body out of the sedentary and get moving. My experience tells me that my physical activity boosts my mental faculties. I am more alert and efficient when I am physically more mobile. There is a mind-body connection that I must tell you. Elsewhere!

Do you have any other ideas? Or do you follow something ona regular basis? How do you make your office hours more mobile? Please do share so that all of us can benefit.

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