To myself and to your self :

When you attempt a thing for the first time, the world is not sure about it.

And I too am not sure about it. But, when the heart is opened to play, like a child does, new possibilities emerge.

So, the most endangered trait in us always the hope. We expect the outcomes where as the child does not. The only thing he is interested in is trying and seeing what happens.

I watch my kids do this all the time. And this is the thing that I want them to keep way beyond their childhood.

So, when yesterday, I had my shoes wet, I was ok. I told myself that I better keep bare feet and try and see how it works.

Did a 2.55 km yesterday. When I came back from the run yesterday, I knew, I will try again.

Today, as well, the morning was rainy and I looked at my shoes. Still wet. I chuckled and told myself, “it’s OK, you relax, I will run”.

And the world enviroemt day turned out to be my most natural running so far.

More than all the world tell you about.. Success, we realized that most of the power comes from love.

When you have found love, fire will be turned within and you will rise like a Phoenix.

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