Time or no time?

People complain that they don’t have time these days. They complain that they don’t get time to spend on themselves. 

It makes me wonder – how? How come we don’t have time to ourselves when we are living in the middle of luxuries. Today, you get things done effortlessly. Paying your bills, shopping for groceries and other items, buying music and watching films and gathering news, they all just happen at the click of a button. 

And not only that! You also get to work from home these days. I have no idea how people get to complain that they don’t have time to themselves. If they don’t have time to themselves, then where is the time going? Have you ever bothered to ask? 

I DID. and doing the maths about time has been the most eye opening idea for me. If you are one among those who are struggling to have personal time, do this : Do an audit of your time. 

Pick up a notebook. And start recording your daily actions in that notebook. Start from the time you get up. Then record all those activities that you have spent your time on. Also record the times you had your meals, sleep etc. 

When I did the audit of my time, I came to realise a lot about myself. The most fundamental thing that I understood was about my habits. There were a lot of actions and activities that I was doing on an automated basis. These had no rationale behind them. 

For example – browsing through social media. Unnecessarily breaking into arguments with people on WhatsApp . Spending time mindlessly on OTT, YouTube and watching provocative debates on the TV. 

While I was complaining about not getting time to do physical exercise, I came to know that I was spending hugely on idle activities. The activities that didn’t demand by the movement. And pretty happy with them. Unconsciously. 

Let’s buy this – we are living in luxuries and we are too loaded with choices that we have lost the sense of direction for healthy and fit living. We have lost the logic but how to stay fit. And we are happy doing things that give instant kick. 

After the audit, I made plans to change. And tye change was not easy to begin with… (to be continued) 

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