If you have been waiting for that perfect day to start something great and did not know where to begin?
If you have been looking for the right kind of guidance to help you get started?

If you want to do great things but you are struggling with even little things in life?

Then, you must read this post. This post is going to help you make a good start towards leading a healthy lifestyle.

So, what is that one thing that you can start with ?

Start with a walk!

Yes, this is what I want to tell you. Walking is the best form of exercise for the mind, body and spirit.

There is joy in the act of moving your body. When you move your body, you move your mind. And when you move your mind, you move great things in the world.

We all have heard or read this phrase:

The longest journey of life begins with a single step today!

And you are going to take that step today. That historic step that is going to change the future course of your life.

So, to give you some hope and positivity, I must give you my example. Once upon a time, I weighed 107 kgs. I did not know then how to get over it!

I desperately wanted to lose weight. But, I was always in the habit of blaming!

Sometimes, I blamed the lack of time. Sometimes, I blamed the work pressure. Sometime, the family commitment. I could not find time for my body and mind to relax! This sounds like a BIG crime to me today. But, back then, it all felt to me so normal.

So, one day when I was mentally ready to work towards losing weight and gaining a healthier lifestyle, I wanted to start. I had realized that no matter what excuses I gave, I knew I was just lying to myself and lying to the world.


I was over 35 and I did not know where to begin!

Most of us are unaware of our ourselves. The excuses that we give to get away. You see, you can give excuses today to yourself. But, it’s only you who is going to suffer tomorrow.

I had realized this truth and therefore, I was mentally prepared to face the harsh truth. The truth was that I was weighing 107 kgs and I thought that It is not possible to get over this. I thought it was too late.

But, I did not want to die. I knew this too. So, that self realization led me to make a start. And I started!

So, you might be wondering where did I start. Who became my mentor and the coach?

Before, I could really get people to help me thing big, dream big and do some big things( Read..preparing for a marathon), I started it all with a tiny step towards a giant goal.


YESSS! That’s the ultimate thing that I did that changed the future course of my life.

Those 5 minutes of walking that I did was not even in any garden or a ground or on some road. It was in my backyard. This was a place that resembled a ground. But, it was laden with long grass and the plants and bushes around.

So, people would not gather there. The place looked quiet. What I liked about the place was the quiet nature and absolutely no disturbance from the people.

I had done bigger and better things in life. I had been to gym. I used to work on my muscles. But, that day, doing 5 minutes of walk made me breathless!!

It was a brisk walk! My head also spinned. I knew that I had come too far in the opposite direction but I could muster the courage to change my direction with that 5 minutes of walk.

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