The Tipping Point

Doing something ordinary every day can, break you into extra ordinary.

I have tried this in my life. Running every day for a few kms.

I will give the numbers. I run anything btw 1 km to 5 km every day. I get up in the morning. Have my tea. Read or write something. Motivate myself. Get into my running gear and head outside.

For running. This is sheer ordinary. You can do it. Your friends and family can do it. Nothing impossible about it.

We often underestimate what we can do in a year. And overestimate what we can do in a day.

To break into extra ordinary, I knew I did not have talent. So, I played on just being ordinary consistently over a long term.

And guess what, I ran a marathon. This is extra ordinary. It is something that puts you into rare air.

This is life’s little secret that I learnt while enjoying the process of running.

Now, I am using this ” ordinary consistently over a long term” to live a better quality of life, work and relationships.

Do something ordinary every day –

Relationships :

Send a message,
Greet in morning every day
Just call up once a week for 5 Mins.
Send a lovely gift every year.

Work :

-Take 5 Mins every day to review your work in the evening.
-take 5 Mins to plan your day in the morning

  • greet my customer even though he hates me or has a complaint in my staff services
    -ask him/her to sit down
    -tell my team to do their best every day. It just takes 2 Mins.
    -take up one step on a long pending issue

Self :
-read something motivational/inspirational for 10 Mins in the morning to get in the right mood.

  • else, watch a YouTube motivation video
  • take a pause from thinking while other person is telling me something. Just listen
    -then, wait for 30 secs to get over before I open my mouth
  • doing a favor to myself by telling that I am healthy
  • making sure I can smile at my done childhood memory

These small and very ordinary things when you will do over and over and over again over a long term,

Your life will be extraordinarily happy and joyful.

I can tell you. I took just few minutes to type this ordinary message to make your day a little extra ordinary. And mine too.. 😘😘

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