The simple riches of village life.

When you have a clear *purpose* in mind, you will always find the *purpose* around you.

Today, I had gone to visit a relative. And the whole family was with me.

While all the members of the family decided to take a noon nap, I found a chap who was more than willing to take me around the village.

And so it was. I discovered this beautiful place while we took a walk around the village.

That pristine place full of peace

We walked for a diameter of a kilometer. And it was so enchanting.

Clean , unpolluted air, no noisy honkings of vehicles, just the chirping of birds and the sounds made my leaves while the wind blew…

In the scorching summer heat, we walked, strolled.

The lake full of peace and energy

While we talk so much about mental health , physical fitness today, I feel we are so poor in these.

On the other hand, the places like this village have no concept or even remotely aware of mental health or fitness. They are busy with their work that involves a lot of hard physical labour working in their farms.

And when they are tired, returning to their mud houses , cooking the farm fresh vegetables and then singing _bhajans_ praising the creator.

I found this temple that was so peaceful. The nature is the ultimate doctor. You can’t deny that. And we are still part of the larger animal kingdom than the human race. Why do we forget this and try to claim our supremacy.

Following the simple and natural ways of living our life will fill ua with peace, purpose and passion. And that’s what we need for living!

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