The right evening meals

It is an accidental discovery. We all know so much. But, we understand so little. I realized the gravity of this dictum while I found my evening meals.

Our body follows the rules and of nature. It doesn’t matter how far we have come, our body still has the sun at the center of its existence, just like other natural creatures!

Our body metabolism follows the movement of sun. As a result, the body metabolism almost shuts down by sunset. Now, whatever you will feed the body will not be absorbed as effective as efficiently as in the day time.

After the sunset, the body engine slows down and goes for an overnight maintenance while we sleep. So, we need to be clear what we are going to take inside as food in our body.

As we all know the various types of nutrients the body requires, ask yourself what is the need of each nutrient while you will be asleep!

Would you need the energy present in carbohydrates and the fats?

Would you like to give your stomach and the related components the tasks to complete like digestion while you are going to be resting.

Logically, you don’t require much of energy while you sleep. So, the best thing to do will be to have something that’s easy on the stomach. Something that gives you a feeling that it won’t be taxing to the stomach while the body is put under maintenance and overhauling work.

So, have something lighter in the evening! And salads and fruits fit the bill the best.

I discovered it while my wife was away to the in-laws. (I had only heard so far that good times return while your wife is away, it’s true I guess I see! 😉)

I was feeling stressed to cook. I opened the gates of the fridge and I could see some nice set of fruits… As you can see the plate full of muskmelon and the mango cubes!

You get up really fresh after a good long sleep that comes with a light stomach that does not have to get tired working on breaking down loads!

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