The Power of your mind for your fitness

You need the power of your mind to enjoy great fitness in life. A powerful mindset is the beginning of all fitness adventures. Without the thought that I want to be fit, I would not have even begun my fitness journey.

So, let’s indulge into understanding how a powerful mind can help you in your fitness journey and how you can develop a powerful mind.

A Powerful mind helps imagine a powerful future

You can turn into reality an idea that you have already seen in your mind. You can’t create anything out of the blue. I think that’s what a vision is all about. Your vision is your imagination waiting to turn into a reality.

A powerful mind will you believe

You can not keep doing something that you don’t believe in. If you can train your mind to imagine a great YOU, you can work with that belief.

And that belief will guide you, keep you rock steady and build consistency in your workouts. People give up doing the things mentally before they give up on things actually. Don’t you agree?

The powerful mind is your powerful internal environment

When you possess a powerful mind, you have a powerful internal environment. This is what I call your inner world. Your inner world is your internal mind where the convictions live. And when you have a powerful conviction that you desire to pursue, you will take powerful actions to back them up. You will bring in a lot of discipline. And you will turn your inner space into your inner kingdom that will rule your outer world.

So, when you have developed the powerful mind, you will develop a powerful vision, create powerful imagination and the empowering beliefs, you are bound to succeed in your fitness journey.

Your actions follow your mind

Whatever you do, act or behave like is driven by your thought process. So, when you will have powerful mind, you will pack in a lot more action into your life.

When you tell yourself that you are not gonna get out without first working out, you do end up accomplishing that. Don’t you?

Possessing a powerful mind is like you have a powerful engine. It can pull off big challenges in life. Getting fitter, healthier and losing excess weight is all about the empowerment of your mind first.

So, how to get hold of a powerful mind that can propel you into a great fitness journey.

Here are the 3 tools I can suggest you. Exploit them to your best capabilities to bring on the powerful transformation in your life:

Self Talk

This is the cornerstone of your mental fitness. You talk to yourself more often than anybody else. Let that talk be a powerful one. When you talk to yourself, talk to yourself like an inspiring leader, like a powerful mentor and a coach.

While I am running a marathon, I have ample time with me when I am away from any distractions(phone calls, people talking etc). So during such long runs, I indulge in self talks. My mind pulls out questions rom my life and I answer them.

While running, I feel the power of the mind and that’s how I have solved many puzzles of my life. I have found answers to many life changing situations and that’s how running has been a transformative experience for me.

NEVER allow yourself self demeaning, humiliating and a fearful self talk. Let is be a positive, powerful and a motivational one.


Actually, whatever you read is either self – developmental or self destructive.

People read a lot on social media and the most of what they read is self destructive. So, instead of that may I prescribe you to reading good quality content.

I won’t be categorizing any sort of books to read. But whatever you read must help you to find possibility or positivity.

I read a lot on productivity, on positivity and powerful affirmations. And these help me to develop a positive framework for the mind and a positive attitude. Books give me the know how of many things that I am confused about. They put the doubts to rest.

Watch inspiring videos on YouTube

The most powerful thing to do after self talk and reading is back them up with great visualizations.

So, watch such videos that give you powerful vision. The visuals that fire your imagination. You want to see yourself fit, then pull out the videos of people telling you to do that, how they did it or how they are doing it.

You can watch all sorts: experts, novices and wannabes. The powerful visuals help you to imagine yourself like them. They give you a powerful vision for a powerful mind and body.

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