The power of loneliness

A lot of people are dead scared to get alone. But I found great benefits in being lonely. Infact, after you have read the article, you will start to feel that a person need to find time to be with oneself. Only then the self growth can happen.

This did not happen on its own. I was compelled to get lonely. I was in a kind of crisis where I was mentally very alone. I did not have people who could understand me. Or my thoughts.

I was sent to work in a place where I had to leave my family and stay in a lodge. The lodge was the home for me for the next one year. I did go to meet my family over the weekends but the rest of the time was beckoned to me.

Loneliness helps to discover your inner voice

When you are alone, you may initially feel haunted. The outer noise keeps us engaged. It keeps our senses engaged. But, while we are outwardly very connected with the world, we lose touch with our own self. We become deaf to our own inner voice.

When I got lonely, I found my voice. My inner voice. And there lies the secret to our transformation that we want to see. It lies buried deep within us!

You learn to identify your loved ones

Initially, I did not know how to handle my loneliness. The best friends for my loneliness have been books. So, I bought some books and kept them on the table. Whenever, I felt haunted, I would pick up a book and read few pages. Felt better.

But, I was truly lonely this time while I was staying in the lodge, away from my cute little kids, my mom, my wife. It made me realize their worth in my life. You don’t really get to know your own attachment to your family until you have felt the detachment from them. This changed me from within.

I stopped taking them for granted. It also made me realize how precious my moments were with them.

Loneliness turns you into your own friend

When you are left alone, you seek your own companionship. In the movie, the castaway, you will be able to easily make it out. While alone, we strike conversations with our own selves.

When you become both, the seeker and the respondent, you learn to talk to your own self better. The time that becomes fully available while you are lonely teaches you to respect yourself because you are trying to bond with the self. You learn to turn yourself into your true friend.

Thats what I did. I felt that love and respect for the self.

Loneliness spurs creativity

While you are alone, you connect to your spirits well. You are able to think more clearly. Infact, creative people seek loneliness because that’s when they are fully intoxicated with their creative juices.

I started learning to blog, to explore the world of internet and made myself a marathon runner.


Loneliness is not a curse. Those who have not learn to enjoy their loneliness have been unfortunate.

Your loneliness when channeled properly could make you a super loving person who cares for himself as well s for the world around.

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