The joy is in running. The secret of happiness is simply enjoying the act.

Running has taught me that if you are good at something, set your own bench marks.

Never fall into the traps of benchmarking against any one else.

I felt the excitement rush for the first time When I was able to do 5 k for the first time in one go.

That was a moment that I felt on top of the world. It was because I was discovery to myself.

Had I benchmarked myself against someone, I would have rather been busy getting to a point that may or might not have materialized.

I enjoy my freedom at all times. Any things special that I achieve my self is my most dear thing. I just feel on top of the world. That’s it.

We are limited by our own limitations. But, what is my limit. Do I really know. Not exactly. No one knows that. Neither you nor myself. Still we fall into the habit of comparing ourselves against others.

This often leads to feeling not so credible. Whatever you do, no matter how small or little, have an extra ordinary excitement for that.

The excitement has the capability to grow with time. You will expand with your expanding excitement.

Every day, all I want is running. No benchmarking. Care free running. No PR s to echieve, no seeking PBs…

The carefree running brings enormous joy. All that I have achieved is the result of *this extra ordinary enthusiasm* that I have for running.

It has taught me that our intention should be on enjoying an act than simply finishing it or finding a trophy it.

My trophy is being able to run. That’s it. This is my true joy.

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