The latest entrant to the club is my elder son.  Years ago, my dad started the club in our family.  And I have joined the club 3 yrs ago when I started to run and work towards my transformation. I am now having the sweet company of my lovely wife and the kids.

So, how did I discover the great benefits of drinking hot water. Let’s find out through my story the hidden benefits of drinking hot water. 

At one point of time, I have suffered the great depression caused due to constipation and piles. My dad worked for the Indian Army. Due t his hectic lifestyle, he suffered the problem of constipation. I would often witness him coming home and driving to the loo straight away.

He saw many doctors. They suggested him all sorts of medicines – tonics, tablets etc. He would take those medicines but soon he would discover some side affect or the other in them. Then one day, one uncle in our neighbourhood suggested him to take hot water first thing in the morning. As he had already tried many medicines, he found no harm consuming hot water first thing in the morning.

And guess what! It worked. Of course it did not happen overnight. But he could see the change in his gastro functioning within a fortnight. So, what’s magic behind the hot water.

It’s actually not hot water, it is lukewarm water which is hot enough to feel the heat.  So, where ever I am saying hot water, it’s actually lukewarm!


So, the prime function of water in our body is to provide the movement of fluids throughout. An adult body is made of 60% water. Yes, you heard it right. The water not just goes inside the body and comes out, it also regulates many bodily functions. It maintains the body temperature.

Water is like a load carrier. It carries the nutrients to the various body cells. Most of the body inside us is floating in water. So, we must maintain the 60% or more of water in our body.

Water contains essential electrolytes like sodium, Calcium and magnesium. Our body needs these electrolytes for effective functioning of our nervous system. The brain would be paralysed if there are no electrolytes to transmit the signals.  


As you learned that water as such is such an essential nutrient to our body. So, drinking a lot of water, hot or not so hot is itself a great habit.

But, if you drink hot water, you can benefit even more. Hot water simply works better and faster as compared to cold or normal water. It has high incidence of breaking the cells and creating energy. It can smoothen the stool in our body and bring that out easily. So, you get a lovely and smooth motion in the morning.

Drinking hot water first thing in the morning reaches the walls of the stomach and scrapes the surface walls of all the waste. Hot water mixes with the stool and make it to have a smoother texture. Not only the smooth motion, but the hot water also kick-starts the metabolism in the body. The hot water is the best nutrient that you can feed to your body.

So, when I was in the stage of life where I was getting into the problems of piles and constipation, I could recall what my dad did for himself. You see, not all the knowledge is inside the books. Rather, most of it is floating outside like water.


So, let me tell you now the proper way to consume hot water.

Buy an electric kettle first of all. Bajaj Kettle is what I prefer! But, you can buy any good one. Our concern is to enjoy the coffee and not look at the cup. An electric lets you heat up the water fairly quickly and without wasting a lot on fuel.

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Pour 2-3 glasses of water in the kettle. And switch it on. After a few minutes, you may hear the hissing sound of water. Switch off the plug and pour the water into your glass. If the water has become too hot, then you may take the liberty to mix some amount of normal water to balance it’s temperature.

Please make sure that it does not burn your lips or tongue. The bland water is odourless and tasteless. So, if you wish, you may add a half to one spoonful of honey. If you don’t like the taste of honey, you have the choice to slice a piece of lemon and squeeze it’s juice into the lukewarm water.

Now, sit in one place and sip it gently like you do with tea or coffee.


You can have hot water in any part of the day or night. In fact, hot water is offered as a choice in Kerala(India) and many others states in India.

I work for a bank. And I need to speak to my customers a lot. While you may deal with customers and service them with energy and enthusiasm, your throat gets choked by the end of the day. So, I use hot water to keep my throat warm and fresh. Ever since I started to consume hot water at my workplace, I have found that it also has helped me t keep up my energy levels. I also don’t get fatigued as I used to get earlier.

I have bought a Milton flask for the workplace. Cello is equally good. But again, no compulsion. You can buy your own brand.

So, I consume it throughout the day. I keep my thermos at my table. And I get it refilled maybe 2 – 3 times in a day. This has also helped me to maintain my body sufficiently hydrated.  

Kerala is one place where I discovered that people take hot water with jeera(Cumin Seeds) during the course of their meals. The practice is so prevalent that even 5-star hotels would offer you this option when they serve you at your table. 

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