The hard run are character building runs.

Today, I was not feeling like going for run. Was tired after a long journey. Needed some rest.  There fore struggled to get to the tracks.

This I guess is that challenge that we all often face in life. With almost every thing. We are pretty strong and all gung-ho when the situation is favorable. But, when it is a challenge, the task becomes an ordeal.

This is where a winner is identified from a loser. And therefore, you must be very careful in what you decide in such circumstances.

I decided to push myself. This is what you get when you run every day for long. The habit of running everyday helps when it will be very difficult.

After dropping the kids at their school prmeises, I parked my scooter in the parking stand. This is the norm that I run after dropping the kids.

Despite no motivation और energy to run, I started with walking. I was feeling drained out due to lack of sleep last night. The power was cut for several hours due to stormy winds. And therefore, the body wasn’t responding the way it should.

Nevertheless, I persisted. And I convinced myself that I will walk and do it anyhow. This is the best I have learned from the process of running. Push yourself when it is needed even if you are no longer feeling motivated, inspired or energetic enough.

After struggling for the first 2 kms, I felt some sweat in my body. Sweating is a beautiful process of our body. It allows for the body to cool down and feel better. A few minutes later, I was feeling even better when I started to feel a kind of easiness in stepping up my pace. Legs were feeling greased and easier now. So, I moved from walking to a little jogging.

I kept pedaling my feet to make sure that I complete the run by completing the one full loop that I usually do.  This loop is approx 5 kms that includes a visit to an open field that lies adjacent to the long road on which I usually run.

After running for 20 minutes, I was feeling the changes in my body and mind – both. They were now feeling energised. And therefore, I was now feeling better running.

Hard runs are character building runs

I was able to accelerate from dragging feet walking to building up a MAF pace and completing 4.59 kms on a day when I would have called it quits. This is the mark of a character. Running is not just for fitness but it is a great tool for character building.

This teaches me that things can get better if you just don’t give up. And running a run that influences your character helps to live your day with inspiration. The rest of the day became a cake walk after the run.

How do you feel about your morning runs. Do you have anything interesting to share about daily morning runs. Then please do in the comments below.

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