The day that I didnt expect to run


I was in no mood for a run.  Woke up at 8 am while the kids were ready and waking me up to drop them off to the school.  

The day before I had run too fast on too bad a surface in the middle of too bad a traffic.  This was when I was trying to clock 5 km in under 30 minutes and I did.  And I had clocked 5 km in 29 minutes and 09 seconds.  But that I guess had a bad impact on my body.  And added to that I had slept quite late. 

Reading on my Garmin Forerunner 35

So, the whole frame of the mind was ANTI-RUN today.  I was mentally so much drained out and my mental status was unwilling to go for a run.  Remember it is the mind that will give up in the game of running before your body does.( And I guess that’s why it is said that marathon running makes you mentally strong).

I had some other plans floating in the mind on the pretext that I was too tired to go for a run today.  I was planning to read newspaper and chit chat with my wife before start getting ready for work..


Emotions, you see, they are the most fragile and very volatile things existing in the humans.  They change and transmute themselves so swiftly.  The emotions can be the biggest cause of your miseries on earth if you never learnt how to master them and use them to your advantage.  May be that’s the reason these days we call the real leaders and the pioneers are those who have learned to be emotionally intelligent.  I know this now.  I have run a full marathon and I do understand the mind and it’s unpredictability.

I know it pretty well when it starts to behave like a small erring and obstinate kid.  I know why it behaves like a kid who is not willing to go to school.  Therefore, I don’t take decisions before the time is right.  I leave the decisions to the ripe time.  Anxiety and depression will be handled better by humanity if they understood that overthinking does nothing good.  And thinking beyond a certain point is overthinking.  Don’t you agree?

In this case where I didn’t know for sure if I would be running today or not, I reasoned with my mind and told, “Hey, why you are worried.  That’s ok if we don’t go for a run today.

The moment I told this to myself, the agitation in mind that I was facing settled down.  You need to bring peace to an agitating mind if you wiish to run a marathon.  Because you know, “It is the mind that will give up…!!”  And peace is any time better than pressure.  

As the agitation settled, I laced my shoes like any other day and got myself into running gear.  I had convinced my mind that I won’t be running today.  But this is something that I do every day. I changed into running gear!


The school where my kids go is 2 kms away.  These days this is my general practice.  I drop my kids to school.  After that, I would park my scooter there and head for a 5K run from there.  I will create a loop and come back home from school and do the other chores.  

Being a family man, there is always a RACE AGAINST TIME.  But, I enjoy finding ways to pace up and match.  But this is what I love doing!!.

I have noticed that I am seeing a range of emotions in the morning.  While it is no longer a struggle to get up in the morning, I still feel at times that I am ok inside the quilt.  Especially these cozy winters.  And while you are out, riding your kids on a scooter to school, you feel guilty for the time wasted in bed while life is dancing with the morning sunshine.

So, I was feeling better as I rode my kids to their school.  They got down and I started looking for the parking space.  Most of the things happen in a very well-processed manner when it comes to running.  There is an SOP and this is what I run every time I RUN.

I cut the emotions out.  I beat the mind to stay victorious.  I always doubt when my mind is conspiring against my wins.  I think I have gained a lot of emotional intelligence running long distances. And this is what comes in handy while I attend to MY LIFE.  Marathon teaches lots of life skills.  and keeping a steady brain while you may be afraid of a fall!

I parked my scooter and removed the helmet from the head and kept it inside the deck under the seat.  And started to walk and run.  And this is what I was blessed with today’s run.  

  1.  Consistent pace
  2. A very good heart rate

See down here :

Reading on the day I didn’t decide but simply acted on the process.
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