The biggest lie that we are telling ourselves:

Do you know the biggest lie that we love to tell ourselves when it comes to our health and well being. I bet you do, read on.

And once you come to know about the lie that I am talking about, you won’t agree with me more. 

But, before I expose that white lie to you, I better warn you as my reader.  Please don’t take it otherwise.  This may burn you a little. 

The reason is it is almost used by 99.99% of the _junta_ .

And while it is the most convenient lie to camouflage for our ignorance on health, self care and well being, it sustains for it is an ego booster.

“You are too busy to exercise.”

By telling that you are too busy to really take care you are telling the world, “Hey listen, guess what I am not so important to myself.  You are important to me. I care for you because I don’t care for myself.”

And I leave the rest to the imagination of the person who listens to your rant and feels so sorry for you. You fain the sympathy at the expense of putting your fitness and health at the altar of sacrifice.

A person who is not taking care of his, it is presumed in India must be busy with better things in life. For example, he may be soooo busy because he is giving his best to the work that he doing. May be he is creating a wonder during to cure the world of cancer. May be the next computing device that will tell us exactly how big is the galaxy or what not! Must be busy saving the earth by all means.

If not work, then, he must be busy with his family. Because the family would be meaning the world to him. Taking care of kids, raking care of hoke affairs, family affairs, social affairs etc.

Lacking time is treated as trend. Your poverty of time is looked up as a premium for better living.  Time must not be wasted.

So, all the time should go to industry and society.

Well, this is the darn truth we must accept with a pinch of salt. Behind this facade is hidden our years of ignorance. 

I am literally in tears when I see the young kids not more than 15 yrs old rushing to their coaching centres while they should be going for a morning run!

All the modernism has taught is to fall in love with machines and be with them all night!

So that when the sun rises, you set your bed for sleep.

And then tell you have no time until that one day when you are at a doctor’s place who is about to turn your world upside down. You are about to listen to him who is going to break the news to you that you have hypertension. Or you have pre diabetic symptoms.

But the doctors is being paid for his advisory so he thinks for you and gives a part on your back for sympathy and consoles you with the common fact that more than half the humanity is submerged in lifestyle borne diseases. Therefore, the news must not shock you.

And you too find it easier to digest. But not fully. You start to stay up late nights trying to figure out the hay from the chaff. Your search for truth  begins.

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