The best ways to keep fit :

Choose what you can do with much ease.

The day, the moment you decide to do something about your fitness, you create all this jazzy and complicated mental plans :

I will take gym membership
I will workout every day
For solid 1 hour

Let us say, you arrive at the gym. Now, you are so much on fire that you want to do every thing in a single day.

I get to witness this kind of drama around me. They will do forearms, crunches, shoulders, triceps and biceps… All at one go…
More than the body, their mind is active.

Similar plans will be made in a months time from now. On new years day.

Some of you might want to seriously do something. But, guess what, let me tell you the harsh truth..

The probability of falling flat on the face is more than 90 percent.

Our new year calender won’t change us and transform us. It won’t. Miracles will not happen.

I have tried the above tactics for many years until 2 years ago, I realized some big things.

First thing that I realized was :

I need to accept myself. I did that.

I told myself, I am not sexy and that’s fine with me. At the same time, I told myself,

“I can do something about my fitness” all day long, I sit in my office, on chair. I hardly do any physical activity. Can I do something about it.

OK, can I just make more frequent moves around my workplace or at home. I found the options:

I can clean the house
Mop the house
I can wash kitchen utensils.
Make my bed in the morning
Clean my bookshelf

In office,

I can stand up and reach out to my files half the times I call my assist ant.

I can go walking around and meet my small business customers.

I can walk in the drawing room.

Now, these did not demand time or efforts from me. Just the “can do” approach.

Easy, right. I stated with these. I still love doing these acts. I am a pro runner who will be attempting one of the most prestigious international marathons soon. But, I want to tell you my story.

Start with simple physical activities and don’t look for fancy planning, clothing or company of others.

One day, I thought of going out and run. I was in chappals. I just did what I thought. I ran in chappals. Today, I run in super special shoes meant for running but my running began in chappals.

I used to wear cotton Ts. I would sweat profusely. But, I did not know what to do. One day, I was so heated up, I decided to remove the T and run with naked chest. I was not shy that day though my belly was visible.

I had accepted my ugliness as part of me and I knew my road to fitness passes from here. Let the world know. That’s ok.

And that running streak made me so sexy. I am proud to possess sexy abs. I take immense pride to tell you I lost weight and came down from 96 kg to 78 kg.

Today, I look at a lot more hot. A lot more cool. But, my fitness style is just out of ordinary.

I don’t have a fitness instructor. I don’t have a dietician. But, I have one thing that I want to reveal to you.

An attitude. An attitude of Eklavya. I call it Eklavya mentality. This guy, Eklavya never bothered about the shortcomings he had. He just looked at his purpose and shot to expertise. His Guru had refused to coach him.

He became his own Guru. He practiced and practiced. And he became a much better archer than Arjuna.

I believe in this story. My story convinces me that our Guru resides in us. As I dream bigger, I get fitter at 40.

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  1. Bhai you are a big inspiration. Hope one day i can also proudly say to myself that i am getting more fitter as i grow.

    • Hi Vinay, thank you for subscribing to my blog. Being fit is the most vital part of our living challenge. When, our mind and body are fit, we can enjoy our work, our salary, have fun with family, play with our kids and do so many things. You have taken the right step to work on your fitness. I am sure, you will shine.

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