The Baby turns 2: My feelings on running and blogging!

Writing is such a great thing to do every day. It races the mind like the running does to my body.

I write and writing helps me to feel so much better. Anything that strikes my mind may be in it’s vague form. But when I sit down and write about that vague idea, I start to see things in black and white.

My blog, was born exactly 2 years ago on July 31, 2019. This post will be dedicated to a little story that the blog writing carries.

I was attracted to the idea of blogging long before I started to write on sanjuruns. I had read a lot on internet that you can make a fortune out of blogging, stay anywhere and work from anywhere. These bloggers who would say this posted their earnings in millions. I believed them.

And so, I started to write. So, it was a plan to write and get rich. So, do you think I made BIG money.

I can’t comment on making money but I must say, I did get rich. I have become richer in my ideas and opinions. I have grown richer by the number of people who have become my friend for they read my blog. I have found a very meaningful purpose that now serves over a 1000 readers.

A mission was born in 2019 as I saw my health improving – mentally and physically. In 2019, when the blog started, I had been running over a year uninterrupted. So, a belief was starting to take shape. “May be I am growing stronger!”

I saw the fears of failures deserting me as the army of lovers descended on my racing tracks. There were BIG changes that had started to happen inside me. And I was starting to see a kingdom being formed.

One day, while I came back from a run and took a selfie and posted on insta, a thought made it’s way to my heart:

“Be the change”

“Be the change that you want to see in the world”

I am a reader since my childhood, and ever since I started to comprehend the sentences, I had been using the power of books to uplift my life. At this point of time, while the thought arrived, I was reading two books consecutively,

The leader who had no title &

The go giver.

Having been through a series of frustrations, I wanted to change my outlook towards life. All that I had been told so far was,

Be the go getter. Crush every one under your feet and remember to just move ahead. Because Victory is all that counts!

So, when a contra thought, that I discovered, I wanted to try. I told myself, “Why not try this idea. Can I be the harbinger of change? Can I help others to empower themselves”.

Having lost my dear dad few years ago had left a deep void in my heart. My loneliness was growing like a big bang. The life was at something called: MIDLIFE CRISIS!!

Having achieved all that I had been aspiring ever since my childhood, I was feeling so empty inside. So, I thought:

“Having lived the life that I was told to, let me take a U-turn from here and find a new way for myself”

So, I started this blog to write. To write about my little victory of transformation. I was losing weight and gaining the confidence within.

Having watched the Nike Ad, “find your greatness” may be a zillion times, I felt that the fire within can be used to ignite the similar souls.

And so, I started to write hardly knowing the ABC of blogging. It took me months to get my menu organized. And it took me almost 2 years to finally settle with a theme.

My transformation through running has been closely followed by my soul stirring through writing. And today, it serves as a tool to serve you.

All I can say with my folded hands to you,

Thank You, your love make me run and write.

Let me tell you that there is a whole team behind me that works as my friends, philosophers and guides to inspire me. And without them, these two years would have been impossible.


My school mate. I remember that she is the first person who complimented on my first morning walk on the morning of January 1, 2018. Sapna, you complimented me in such a way that these legs found great strength that day. So much so that, they were inspired to come out on th e2nd day, the day, the 4th and so on!

You will remain in my heart like Neil Amrstrong first step on the moon.


I can’t take your full name here for the matters of privacy. You are a tough guy. And you gave me the strength when I needed the most. Can’t thank you enough for proving those comforting words as Dad was hospitalized and my world was falling.

You have done your best to put my world together. So, when I set up my goal of running 1800 kms in my first year of running in 2018, your constant support and encouragement and guidance gave wings to my feets of imagination.

Ever since I started running, I have never been injured and the credit goes to you. For telling me how to love thyself.:)


On the eve of Sbi green marathon, Bangalore.

I can not forget the day we met at Sapna book house, Bangalore. We met for the reasons better known to destiny. You keep appearing like an angel for me.

You were there years after when I came to Bangalore for my first half marathon. Despite your busy schedule of an Income Tax Commissioner.

That day early morning when I landed in Mumbai for the first time in my life, I had no idea! I called up in early morning, may be 3:30 am and you helped me find a place to manage myself. I knew I was bothering you but you took it as an opportunity to put your special place in my heart.

This warmth that you gave me made me run with more confidence and finish the full marathon race of my life in style the next day.

I am always aware that I am not alone. You all and several others have made my journey of writing and running so iconic.

Thank you for being there.

The change maker at home.

And last but not the least, my mom,dad, nisha, bittu, tinku, anita di and all the loved ones, without your support, running would have been a dry spell

My cute mummiji ..she taught me to stay fit.
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  1. The motivation he has given us is really great. Iam proud to be one of his childhood friend in his list. In life we meet more of pulling back people but SANJU is one who always tries to push back and he never get hurt of any failure. Buddy my heartful wishes are always with you. ALL THE BEST for your journey and always SHINE.,👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🌞🌞

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