The 3 daily devotionals to make your life better.

The morning nutrition is not just for the body that we need. We also require to feed our mind and soul as well to make them healthy and strong. 

So, how do we do that? What can be done to improve our mental and spiritual health? 

First of all, improve the way you get up in the morning. When you get up in the morning, what is the first thought that you get? Do you get the thought that you have blah, blah things to do? 

If you start thinking about the world or the people who love in this world the moment you wake up, then you are not allowing yourself to have the morning nutrition for your mind and the spirit. 

Our mind, body and spirit are formed by the thoughts that we carry in our heads. Thoughts have power over all the three dimensions. The first two hours of the morning are meant to be utilized for providing the nutrition to ourselves – the mental, the physical and the spiritual. 

So, what do I mean by saying the mental nutrition. Let us talk about some of the things that you can do to provide yourself the morning nutrition.

Begin your day with gratitude

Begin your day with gratitude. Thank everyone around you. Than your parents, thank your job, thank the nature, the plants, the flowers. Start with thanking the world. And thanking the creator. 

The very first thing to experience after you wake up is gratitude.

Walk in the nature

Walk in the nature : go out and experience the morning bliss. This is what I have found when I started to get up in the morning. 

The surroundings are quiet. And there is absolute peace in the wee hours of the morning. Plan to wake up before the sunrise. So that you can experience the sunrise and welcome the major source of power into your life. 

Observe what God has created around you – the plants, the flowers, the sky. Observe them. Look at the leaves, look at the beauty of the flowers blooming. 

A walk in the nature is going to bring more gratitude. And gratitude is a powerful thing. It just multiplies your blessings. 

Experiencing the feelings of gratitude, soon after coming to consciousness will make your move towards peace and feel the eternal bliss inside. 

Practicing the gratitude will keep your smile for the day.

Learning, listening, journaling, reading

Read or listen or write- something inspiring, motivational. Or learn about a new place. Or learn about a new philosophy. Orient your mind in the direction of learning. The act of learning is like opening the windows of your room. Opening the window is surely gonna bring in freshness and light. 

When I started my fitness journey, I knew somehow that reading, listening or writing in a journal made me run better. So, I prepared myself for the runs by writing in my daily journal. By reading the inspirational quotes sometimes or listening to the TED talks. 

These filled me with new ideas for living my life. They have me new hopes, dreams and new vista’s to sail my life towards. We need to build our hope and that’s best done by investing some part of your morning into learning about living better.

Conclusion remarks

We feel stuck in our lives because we are not discovering new avenues for understanding, harmony or peace. Allowing yourself to learn about the life and its secrets will bring in that – the new possibilities. You will start seeing the possibilities that have in your present state of life. 

By practicing the above ideas, truth was revealed to me. This is how I understood that there are three pillars to great living.  The above actions are like meditations. And doing them may lead to your enlightenment. You will then be able to figure out your life and start to move ahead with meaning and purpose.

Our mental health and our spiritual health matters as much as our physical well being. This is the 360 degree view of holistic health.

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